Amhara Bank Jobs Vacancy new 2023

Amhara Bank S.C. is relatively new in the business world and has operated in a fast-paced manner since it entered the financial market. It has over 4,800 energetic employees and visionary leadership, having over 276 branches so that it can achieve its goal “To be leading and game-changing Bank in Africa.” The Bank wishes to solicit skilled and qualified candidates to submit their cv for the open positions.

Position 1: Cash Management Officer

The qualification is a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance Management, Business Management, or other similar areas.

Expertise: 3 years of relevant experience in banking, of which one (1) year of experience as a Junior Cash Management Officer job.

Scope of Work: To support the ongoing availability and maximum utilization of cash at the Bank by making arrangements for timely supply of cash and collections to/from branches as well as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Specific Functions:

  • Keep track of your cash balance by using and analyzing cash disbursements and cash receipts.
  • Help in periodically revising the limit of cash held in all ATMs and branches;
  • Create reports about the sale and purchase of cash notes from abroad and the timely replenishment of bank accounts in correspondent banks;
  • Start transactions and then countersign vouchers/tickets;
  • Deliver cash to and from Cash Dispatchers and coordinate Cash Dispatchers for cash consignment.
  • Cash book for balance and checks with the general ledger as well as physical cash
  • Replace cash in Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). Keep dual custody of documents pertaining to cash from the Bank and the signatures or initials of cashiers/tellers from the Bank.
  • Transfer cash and deposits to/from Issue Accounts at the NBE for replenishing vault.
  • Perform any other related tasks as required;

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

Position 2:Customer Service Executive – II.

Qualifying: A bachelor’s degree or higher in Banking and finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Management, and additional related fields.

Experiential: 1 year of work experience in banking operations such as CSO, CSR, CSE, or similar positions.

The purpose of this job: To enhance customer satisfaction through handling front-line customer service activities with diligence and optimum efficiency; enhance the efficiency of mobilizing resources for the Branch by cross-selling items and offerings.

Specific Functions:

  • Participate in and conduct client recruitment as well as accounts opening tasks.
  • Administrator the Primary Vault in conjunction with the Branch Operations Manager and Branch Manager
  • Receive, verify, deposit, and transfer cash from primary and secondary vaults;
  • Send or receive a consignment of cash to/from the Treasury Treasury;
  • Examine the daily cash receipts and cash bricks are properly arranged, sealed, wrapped, and signed
  • Find customer signatures and photos, as well as verify the identity of customers.
  • Assist in other tasks as required.

Place of Work: Gambella,

Position 3: Branch Manager Grade – I

Qualifying: A bachelor’s degree or higher in Banking & Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Management, and other fields related to them.

Expertise: Seven years’ relevant work experience in the Banking Industry, including one year spent as Assistant Branch Manager/CSM or as a Relationship Manager. Or 7 years of relevant experience in banking comprising at minimum 2 years in a Senior Officer banking operations position.

The purpose of this job: To achieve sustainable improvement in the performance and profit of the Bank by cross-selling the Bank’s services and products as well as retaining and acquiring customers, improving the customer experience, and developing strong customer relations for the purpose of maximizing resources mobilization as well as managing the general retail banking operations in the Branch.

Specific Functions:

  • Develop and manage the improvement of the activity to mobilize resources in the Branch by coordinating
  • efficiently coordinating Branch workforce effectively;
  • Engage in aggressive promotion and marketing by educating customers on the services and products available at the Bank
  • Summary accounts of the Branch and follow rigorous monitoring of the controllable costs;
  • Verify that transactions are authorized promptly and that end-of-business-cycle processes can be completed on a prompt basis.

Deadline: October 16, 2023

How to Apply:

Interested Job seeker who meet the requirements above are encouraged to submit their applications in five (5) successive days beginning October 12, 2023, through October 16, 2023. on the Amhara Bank’s Vacancy Web Portal:

If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 690

  • The short-listed candidates will be notified.
  • Applications that are physical or in hard copy are not accepted.
  • The Bank is entitled to remove the advertised post.

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