Amhara Bank Vacancy Dec 2023

Amhara Bank Vacancy Dec 2023. Amhara Bank S.C. is extremely young in the business and has operated at a rapid pace.

since it entered the financial market which has over 4,800 energetic employees and visionary leaders and over 276 branches so that it can achieve its goal “To be the most innovative and revolutionary Bank in Africa”. The Bank wishes to solicit skilled and qualified candidates to submit their applications for the open positions.

Position 1: Customer Service Executive – II

Qualifying: Qualification: BA in Banking and finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics Management, or any other fields related to it.

Expertise: 1 year of working in the banking industry such as CSO, CSR, CSE, or similar positions.

Scope of Work: To enhance customer satisfaction through handling front-line customer service activities with attention and efficiency; enhance the branch’s mobilization efforts by cross-selling the bank’s services and products.

Place of Work: Battu

Position 2: Senior Customer Service Officer – Cash

Qualifying: HTML0 Qualifications: BA in Banking & Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics management, as well as the other fields that are related.

Expertise: 3 years of working experience in the banking industry in the capacity of CSO, CSR, CSE, or a similar position.

Scope of Work: To enhance customer satisfaction by handling frontline customer service activities with diligence and efficiency to enhance the branch’s mobilization efforts by cross-selling the bank’s products and services.

Place of Work: Bale Goba

Position 3: Senior Performance Management & Succession Officer

The qualification : Qualification: BA in Management Business Management Development Management or any other field related to them Amhara Bank Vacancy Dec 2023.

Expertise: Five/5 years of relevant experience, with a preference for the banks, with two years in officer positions

The purpose of this job is to plan and create a successful employee performance management process and succession planning practices within the bank, enabling it to maximize the full potential of its employees and to meet the evolving and future demands of business.

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

Position 4: Senior Accountant

Qualification: BA in Accounting/ Finance /Business Management/Economics/Business Administration/ or any other related fields Amhara Bank Vacancy Dec 2023.

Experiential Experience 5/5 years relevant experience in banking, of which two years were as an accountant

Scope of Job: To carry out general accounting functions and monitor financial transactions, reconciling bank balances and account statements. keeping the ledger general. makes sure that all payment taxes, payments, and financial obligations are met in time.

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

Position 5: Branch Manager Grade – I

The qualification is A bachelor’s degree or higher in Banking & Finance Accounting Business Administration, Economics, Management, and other fields related to them.

Expertise: Seven years’ relevant work experience in the Banking Industry including one year spent as Assistant Branch Manager/CSM, or Relationship Manager. Or 7 years of banking experience including at least two years of experience as a Senior Officer in a bank operation position.

Scope of Job: To achieve sustainable expansion and increase the profit for the Bank through cross-selling of the bank’s products and services, maintaining and acquiring customers; increasing customer service, and building solid relationships with customers to increase efficiency of mobilization efforts. Also, controlling the entire retail banking operation within the branch assigned to it.

Place of Work: Andabit, Chiro, Este, Jantekel, Kuy

Position 6: Security Guard – I (Male & Female)

Qualification: 8th Grade Complete

Expertise: two/2 years of relevant work experience related to the military or police


Qualification: 10th/12th Grade Complete

Expertise: four/4 years of working as a woman user

Age: Between 25-50

The purpose of this job: To support the bank’s operations by ensuring the security and safety of staff and the organization, and providing safe customer services and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Amhara Bank Vacancy Dec 2023.

Place of Work:

  • Shashemene (Female);
  • Shashemene (Male).

Position 7: Messenger & Cleaner – I

Qualification: Grade 10th/12th Complete

Expertise: two years of relevant work experience.

Age: Between 18 – 35

The purpose of this job: To securely deliver documents, packages, packaged items, or written messages as well as other things to the recipients or locations in a timely and efficient manner. help in the customer service processes of the institution by keeping their work areas neat. This makes it more appealing for both staff and customers.

Place of Work: Hawassa

Deadline: December 25, 2023

How to Apply:

Candidates who meet the above conditions are encouraged to apply for a position within 5 (5) successive days starting from the 21st of December 2023 through November 25, 2023. by submitting an online application through the below Amhara Bank’s Vacancy Website:

Contact us for any inquiries at 690

  • The short-listed candidates will be informed.
  • Physical or hard copy applications are not accepted.
  • The Bank can end the advertisement for the post.

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