Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023

Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023. Dashen Bank invites qualified applicants to apply for the vacant Branch Relationship Officer post.

Dashen Bank is one of the best-known banks in the financial industry. Dashen Bank has received several awards for its operations and financial successes. Dashen is also renowned for its innovative technologies that have revolutionized the world of finance.

Position 1: Contact Center Agent

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree with a major in economics, Business Administration, Management Marketing Management, or similar areas. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.
  • BSc. Degree in Computer Science, IT, Information Systems


  • four (4) years of work experience post-qualification in the Banking Sector, fin-tech, hospitality, Telecom, Microfinance, and another similar job with regular or direct communication with clients

The Contact Center Agents are responsible for taking inquiries from customers and addressing queries or complaints via the phone or on social media platforms.

Additionally, the position person is accountable for the priority of customer complaints to be resolved or escalated to senior Contact Center Agents, ensuring the highest quality of customer service is always in line with established standards for service. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

Workplace: Addis Ababa

with obligatory Somaligna capability to speak Somaligna Application Form Application For

with obligatory Afarigna proficiency in the language Application Formula

Position 2: Compliance Officer

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Risk Management or Economics, Accounting, Finance, or Banking, from a respected university.
  • The law school with the highest grade is preferable. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.
  • A professional certification in Risk Management; Financial Risk Management (FRM) or the RCP level 3, Chartered Risk Analyst (CRA), or Governance Risk and Governance Risk and Management (GRCM) adds benefit


  • Minimum of at least four (4) years of relevant work experience

The Compliance Officer is in charge of monitoring and ensuring that the Bank is in complete conformity with all bank laws and regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures, notifying any violations or exceptions and reporting the same to the supervisors of his/her department. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

Location of Work: for Addis AbabaApplication Formula

Position 3:Branch Relationship Manager I

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • BA degree in Marketing, Accounting Management or Business Administration and Finance, Banking, or similar Business fields


  • At least 6 (6) years of relevant work experience

The incumbent is responsible for developing new customers, developing and managing the financial relations to reach targets for growth of loans and deposits achieving growth in business for the Bank within the market segment, and promoting and marketing other services and products offered by the Bank to build value-added relationships with current customers. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

Place of Work: Mettu BranchApplication Form

Position 4: Senior Customer Service Officer – Accounts I

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related subject e.g. Accounting, Marketing Economics, Management, Administration, Business Administration, Information Technology, or other fields of similarity


At a minimum, the equivalent of four (4) year’s bank knowledge

The senior Customer Service officer for Cash/Accounts provides front-office assistance to customers in the branch. He/she will manage the management of accounts and respond to inquiries from customers take care of cash and non-cash transactions as well as all requests of customers in the branch. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

Place of Work: For Limmu Genet > Application Form

For Mettu > Application Form

Position 5: Branch Manager Grade I

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in an industry-related subject e.g. the accounting and management fields, economics, or business administration


  • A minimum of 7 (7) years experience in the field including one (1) year of experience in the post of supervisor.

The Branch Manager will manage the organization, and conduct and supervise the banking functions of a branch office. The Branch Manager will make sure that operational policies, procedures, rules, and guidelines of the Bank as well as regulators’ directives and the law of the country are followed by the entire staff. The manager will also supervise the business development and sales efforts of the branch. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

Place of Work: Gebreguracha Branch> Application Form

Position 6: Customer Service Manager I

Academic & Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in an industry-related subject e.g. management, accounting and economics, business administration


  • A minimum of six (6) years experience in banking

The Manager of Customer Services is responsible for supporting the Branch Manager by coordinating the actions of customer service Representatives (Maker/Checkers) as well as the Senior Customer Service Manager (Cash/Accounts) in the Branch and ensuring operational quality to provide exceptional service to ensure that customers are satisfied at all levels while supporting the bank’s expansion. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

Place of Work: ForBachuma Branch> Application Form

Deadline: Nov 24, 2023

How to Apply?

The applicants who are qualified and interested are encouraged to apply via applications on the Above Microsoft Application form links and follow the instructions.

Applicants must complete all specifics on the vacancy for each job and be sure to submit the form following the completeness of all necessary questions. Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

Also, you must check all credentials relevant to the application (Uploading appropriate credentials to verify the educational qualifications, experience licenses, and certificates …. These are all listed in the application form/CV ). then upload it to the ethiojobs site for application to jobsCVs shall not exceed three pages and should be uploaded in the format PDF (mandatory). Dashen Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

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