Dashen Bank S.C Job Vacancy 2023

Dashen Bank S.C Job Vacancy 2023. Dashen Bank invites intrested and competent candidates to apply to apply for one of the post-employment positions.

Dashen Bank S.C Job Vacancy 2023

Dashen Bank is among the most well-known banks in the financial business. Dashen Bank has received several honors for its work and financial accomplishments. Dashen is also credited with innovating and advancing technology to the world of finance.

First Position Ethical Officer

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in management, accounting economics, Law, Business Administration or other related areas.


  • At least four (4) years of experience

The Ethics Officer is responsible to ensure that the Bank’s controls policies and procedures support ethics and to minimize or avoid the possibility of improprieties, allegations, complaints as well as conflicts of interests. He/she is expected to review and determine the nature of incidents or instances from audits both internal and external reports that could lead to fraud and corruption, and to recommend solutions. The person in charge is accountable for conducting studies in conjunction with the the Senior Ethics Manager in order to discover any gaps in the bank’s policy and procedures that could be the reason irregularities.

Place: Addis Ababa

Formulation for The Ethics Officer

2. Position: Residen Auditor II

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a Business related area e.g. Economics, Accounting, Management and Business Administration


  • Minimum of Four/4or more years of previous work experience

Locale: Addis Ababa

Formulation for the Resident Auditor II

Position 3 District Credit Analyst

Academic and Professional Qualification

Bachelor’s degree from a school of Business Administration, Economics, Accounting Management, Banking Finance, or similar fields.Job Qualifications:


At minimum 5 (5) years’ bank experience, including at minimum 2 (2) years in the credit area.

Credit Analyst Credit Analyst is responsible for tasks related to appraisal and credit analysis within the District Office. They are responsible for identifying, reducing the factors that increase credit risk(s) and conducting a thorough appraisals and credit analyses employing appropriate analysis methods; and making sure that the conclusions from the study are valid and in line with the bank’s guidelines and policies.

Location: Dire Dawa

Application Formula To District Credit Analyst

Position 4. Senior Customer Service officer Cash I

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any business-related field e.g. Marketing Management Accounting Economics, Management Accounting, Management Administration, Information Technology or any other similar fields


  • At at least 4 (4) consecutive years bank experience


Negele & Moyale > Application form

Robe Area > Application Formula

Position 5: Customer Service Manager I

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in a business-related area e.g. accounting management, economics and business administration


  • Minimum of six (6) years of banking experience


Robe Area > Application Formula

Position 6: Branch Manager I

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in business-related area e.g. economics, accounting, management or business administration


  • A minimum of 7 (7) years of relevant experience, including one (1) year of experience in a an administrative post.

Place: Robe Area > Application Form

Deadline: October 16 2023

Application Procedure:

Candidates who are interested and qualified should submit their applications using applicants who are qualified and interested should apply through Above Microsoft Application form links and follow the guidelines.

Applicants must complete all information on the application form for each job and ensure that you submit the form after you have answered all questions.

Then, take a look at all credentials relevant to the application (Uploading relevant documents that verify education, work experience, certificates, licenses …. and more) that are listed on the application form/CV ). > and then upload them to the Ethiojobs the website for application to vacancies..

CV’s should not exceed longer than 3 pages in length and should be saved with PDF formats (mandatory).

NOTE: Dashen Bank does not charge fees at any point of the hiring process. So, if requested to pay any fee, please decline.

Women applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications:

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