Enat Bank S.C Job Vacancy 2023

Enat Bank invites Interested and eligible candidates to apply for the positions listed below.

Enat Bank was initiated by several of Ethiopia’s most influential entrepreneurs and visionaries. The founders of Enat Bank established a bank that empowers women while also providing customers with exceptional customer service. Enat Bank S.C Job Vacancy 2023

International Banking offers a suite of products and services to individuals and businesses.

Position 1: Junior Online Banking Technical Officer

Job Requirement:

BSc in Computer Science and other related fields. Previous expertise is optional. (2023 or 2022 GG.C.

Address: Heads Office

Position 2: Branch Accounts Administrator – Grade B

Job Requirement:

Bachelor of Accounting focusing on Banking and Insurance, Banking & Finance and other similar fields. 3.5 years experience working in the banking industry and, at minimum, one year as a Senior Customer Service Officer or a similar job.

Where to Working: Begie, Dodola A.N., Humera,logiya,Arsi negele Tappi Agaro, Bulehora and Dodola Branches

Position 3: Senior Marketing Officer

Job Requirement:

BA/MBA/MA Marketing, Communication BA/MBA/MA Marketing and Communication, Management, Business Administration Management, or any related field with 5.5/3.5 years working experience in the relevant field, most preferably within the banking sector with at least two years of experience in an appropriate officer

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

Post 4: S Senior Human Capital Training and Development Officer

Job Requirement:

BB.A.degrees with a focus on Human Resources Management, Management, Business Administration Leadership, or any other fields related to it, having 5.5 years of work experience or MBA/MA in that same field that includes 3.5 years of work experience, preferably in the banking sector including minimum two years in an officer in a position of relevance.

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

Position 5: Branch Manager – Grade C

Job Requirement:

MM.A.or MBA with a focus on Banking & Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or Management, as well as any related field that has 6.5 years of work experience or a BB.A.degrdegreear field, with 8.5 years of work experience in banking, including two years are in customer service manager grade B or three years of experience as a Branch accounts administrator Grade A.

Place of Work: Begie, Kombolch, Humera and Shewarobit Branches

Deadline: November 3, 2023

How to Apply?

Candidates who meet the above criteria are invited to submit the application and CV on the web through


Registration starts on Tuesday after noon! Enat Bank S.C Job Vacancy 2023.

Enat Bank S.C Human Capital Management Department.

Telephone: +251 115 158278 / 507074

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