Jobs Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates

If you are in Jobs Hunting, you are not alone. Now days everyone is hunting for jobs. Career path for fresh graduates is difficult if there is no place to start. This is Jobs Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates.

Jobs Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates
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So, we are going to give you the best tips on the internet. Let’s start with what you know:

What you should know : Jobs Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates

When we are in university, we expect that we can get jobs as soon as we graduate, but the truth is different from what we expect. Don’t worry if you have the same expectations as we do; everyone does. its difficult to find new jobs for new graduates.

To get the job of your dreams, you have to hunt for good joband prepare for incoming job alerts. Let’s remind ourselves of one thing: getting jobs is not an easy task, and we ask you for hard work and great preparation.

So, as a fresh graduate, you should know:

  • Getting your dream job is not an easy task.
  • Searching for jobs asks for hard work.
  • And lastly, it needs preparation.

In the following steps, we give tips that help you hunt down jobs you want and reach your dreams.

1.Hunt’s jobs site

Do you know when someone says, “Hunt the hunter”? These differences mean there is a different job boards posting site that shares jobs on their website.

So, you just watch and visit this website every day. In that way, you can get information on the latest job market every day. This website does not hire you directly for their company, but they post third party jobs on their website as advertisements. The first Jobs Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates is hunt the hunter.

These are ways you can “hunt the hunter.” The advantage of following this site is that it is easy and updates you every day.

There are different job market sites, such as ethiojobs, reporter jobs, ethioreporterjobs, sholahobs, and soon. Pin this website or download their app if it’s available and stay updated.

2. Find seasonal jobs.

When the New Year’s comes, more companies post different open positions on their weaknesses and to

Increase their productivity. At this time, two or more companies post the same position on their websites. These are called seasonal job search.

Finding seasonal jobs is easy when compared to other methods of finding jobs. Because everyone talks about the jobs and tries to apply. In these times, what you have to do is gather information about the jobs and Prepare an outstanding CV or resume that puts you on top.

Sometimes seasonal jobs are not posted in your field of expertise. Don’t panic; these will happen. Just wait for other seasonal job fairs to emerge and try to apply for jobs in your area.

3. Create a profile on LinkedIn to hunt for your dream job.

Most of people you use social media now days and they are so addictive on it. All social media does not give you equal information and updates on what you want, and sometimes it just consumes your time. But LinkedIn is different.

LinkedIn is one of popular social media and mostly work on connecting company employer and job seekers. These are what make them different from other social media profiles.

On LinkedIn, you can search and find the latest job applications that are posted directly by the company’s HR department or potential employers. It was easy to apply and connect with the company.

But if you do not create a good and brief profile on LinkedIn, you are just wasting your time, and no company will replay you.

When you open LinkedIn, you have to create a nice, standing profile and include full information on your profile. These give a good first impression to those who see your profile and create a great chance to contact you for further processing.

On your LinkedIn profile, you have to fill in all required fields and information, like:

  • Your real full name
  • Your contact information
  • field you graduate on and institution you get your certificate or degree from
  • Any experience you have and the company you work for
  • Other rewards you get and short term training

All the information stated above gives strength to your profile and provides full information for the company looking for you.

4. Apply for remote jobs.

If you have a good performing computer and an internet connection, there are different remote jobs for entry-level positions that will well pay you out there. These jobs give you great flexibility in your working hours. Also, you can do it anywhere in the world. if you have work experience or relevant work experience that enough for you.

We encourage you to apply for remote jobs because it’s easy to do online and you have a higher chance of getting hired if your skills and experience fit the position.

Most of the jobs posted for remote job search areas are online marketing jobs and software jobs. Online marketing jobs include social media management, online consulting, affiliate marketing, SEO, and SERP management. While software based job titles include software engineer, computer engineer, and more

Remote job-hunting tips create great opportunities for you if you are a fresh graduate. These remote jobs can be easily found on different websites like Upwork, LinkedIn, Fiverr, Freelancer, and other microsites.


Job hunting for fresh graduates is not difficult with the right tips, but it does require hard work and preparation.

If you are a fresh graduate, leave all the expectations you have on campus and update yourself on the recent situation.

In job hunting, you have to be on guard and prepare for the response to your application from the company. When you look for jobs, you have to use every opportunity you get. In these ways, you’re going to land on your dream jobs.

In general, if you are a fresh graduate and searching for jobs, use a job postings site or apply for seasonal

jobs, create a stunning LinkedIn profile, and apply for remote jobs.

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