Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023

Reality Construction & Real Estate was established in 2006 and officially registered its present name in 2016. Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023.

Construction began within Sebeta town in 2008, and after several years of building work, we completed the first building in Addis Ababa in 2016.

The company expanded and took on different projects, including residential offices and apartments in Addis Ababa.

At present, Reality Construction & Real Estate specializes in the construction of luxurious apartment buildings and commercial/office properties.

Our team consists of over 50 experts. The main goal of our company is to serve our clients as the best real estate company across Africa.

We’ve already established an excellent reputation for prompt delivery with excellent quality. We’ll ensure that you are working with a reliable real estate firm in Ethiopia.

Reality Construction & Real Estate External Vacancy Announcement. Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023.

Position 1- Accountant

Required Qualification and Experience

Education: BA degree in accounting and finance and other related fields Experience: a minimum of 4 years direct Experience in merchandising/construction/manufacturing companies/factories with proven Peachtree accounting software practice.


A good understanding of accounting principles and the practice of Ethiopian tax laws

excellent interpersonal and communication skills


confidence in oneself

The company overview

Reality Real Estate is an investment and construction business that aims to contribute to the real estate industry of Ethiopia significantly. Now, we’re looking for qualified professionals to be appointed immediately to the next open position.

job summer

The accountant assists with the overall accounting processes for the business, like the daily accounting of financial transactions, the reporting of these transactions, reconciling cash collection, facilitating payables receivables, and handling and managing payroll and tax.

required: 1


oversees day-to-day transactions in the accounting department

tracks daily sales transactions as well as expenses with Peachtree

is responsible for reconciling and posting the subsidiary ledgers in general ledgers.

Prepares cash checks, check cash payments and cash receipt vouchers with all the necessary supporting documents. Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023.

Prepares, checks, reconciles and reports income tax pension contribution, withholding cost sharing, tax VAT, stamp duty, and other taxes to the government entity of your choice every month

Controls stock and maintains it

Incoming and outgoing stock is inserted into the system

The reconciliation of inventory accounts ensures the accuracy of financial reports

creates weekly, monthly and annual inventory reports.

Make a monthly journal entry

Prepares and checks each day’s laborer’s payroll, biweekly or weekly.

create employee pay (including the reconciliation of payroll)

is responsible for preparing and coordinating the daily cash flow

monitors the progress of the customer via the site (customer follow-up with the customer) and also monitors office rent regularly

examines cost sheets for the project (site material cost sheet)

keeps track of fixed assets

Prepares an import cost sheet as well as liquidation of the git

Prepares monthly and weekly management report

helps close the year-end financial report

Performs any other tasks that their supervisor assigns.

Workplace: Addis Ababa

Deadline: November 9, 2023

Position 2. Property Manager

Required Qualification and Experience

Educational Qualifications: MA master’s degree in business administration/management or in related disciplines. Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023

Experience: at least six years of Experience working in management. This includes two years’ work experience in property management or a bachelor’s master’s degree in business administration/management or similar areas.

Experience: at least eight years of Experience working in managing, of which two years of expertise in property management.


are well-known in the fields of sales and marketing

customer service orientation

outstanding negotiation skills, multitasking, problem-solving, and stress management

understanding of the rules and regulations to manage Property

Excellent time and financial managing skills

outstanding interpersonal and communication capabilities

Teambuilding and trustworthiness

Job Summary:

The property manager is accountable for the proper administration of Commercial Property. This includes determining the rental rate and marketing, managing the tenant’s relations, as well as overseeing the maintenance of the Property. In addition, the person is responsible for ensuring that commercial buildings satisfy the requirements of their tenants by directing all aspects of properties assigned to them.


is responsible for the preparation and management of budgets for the Department of Property by estimating the requirements and analyzing the trends, variances and data;

Establishes acceptable rental rates through conducting market research, determining costs, and evaluating profit goals in conjunction with the immediate supervisor. Attracts prospective tenants to vacant spaces via promotion, advertisement and encouraging referrals

Facilitates meetings with prospective tenants and prospective tenants, demonstrating the Property and then evaluating their application as following the policies and procedures of the firm;

Addresses complaints from tenants by having a productive and positive relationship with them

examines maintenance and organizes it to ensure compliance with the standards set by contracts overseeing repairs as well as maintenance projects;

Facilitates rent collection and also handles operational expenses

resolves complaints from customers and issues promptly;

Organizes outgoing and incoming inspections and creates inspection reports

Security is ensured for the building, and security equipment is in place and is ready for current and future occupants.

oversees the daily housekeeping service following the standard of clean requirements;

oversees the Property’s expenses and takes corrective actions, as well as makes reports by gathering information, reviewing, and reporting information to the immediate supervisor.

Prepares regular reports (weekly and motherly reports, as well as half-yearly as well as annual reports) for his supervisor immediately;

is also able to perform other similar duties following the directives of the CEO.

required: 1

The report is to the CEO

workplace: Addis Addis Ababa

Deadline: November 13, 2023

Position 3 – Marketing Manager

Required Qualification and Experience

Educational Qualifications: MA or BA degree in business or marketing management or other related disciplines

Minimum of 8 years to obtain a master’s level, out of which there are three years in a managerial role in industries similar to yours.

Minimum of 10 years to earn a BA degree. This includes five years ‘ Experience is required in an executive position in the same field. Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023.


The power of creativity

demonstrated success in a management job


Team Management

negotiation skill

outstanding communication, collaboration and ability to delegate

established ability to design and implement sales strategies

capability to inspire and guide employees and to hold the employees accountable

solid working understanding of operating procedures

job description:

Marketing managers are responsible for analyzing and developing opportunities for marketing, as well as planning and creating sales plans. Develop and implement complete marketing strategies that increase branding awareness, customer interaction and sales. The sales and Marketing Manager oversees the sales and marketing employees and is responsible for managing functions to help the business meet its business objectives.

required: 1

report to: support service director (SSD)


creates procedures and systems to improve the performance of sales of the firm;

Recognizes the opportunities on the market for increasing sales through the development of new strategies for marketing or products;

works with fellow members of the team in preparing for meetings such as open houses or home launches

Offers are made to buyers for negotiation and sale terms;

examines market conditions and helps identify developments that might affect the prices of or interest rates within a specific region or neighborhood;

In contact with customers for regular discussions about their needs and worries to discover new possibilities to grow sales.

oversees a group of real estate agents to make sure that they’re fulfilling their objectives and providing excellent customer service;

creates, oversees and coordinates the marketing strategy, as well as sell-related activities of the company;

is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the sales and marketing activities and also identifying markets for growth;

creates both a short and long-term marketing strategy;

designs, plans, coordinates, and oversees the execution of events such as tradeshows, partner and customer events, tradeshows as well as training sessions.

Participates actively in promotions;is constantly examining and recommending ways to improve and use promotion strategies and technology to interact with different audiences.

Conducts periodic reviews of the brand’s image and satisfaction, which are conducted regularly.

Conducts periodic market research

Make sure sales are documented, collected and analyzed to help plan for the future; creates and delivers periodic reports to the SSD. Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023.

Is assigned other tasks by the SSD.

Workplace: Addis Ababa, what is the process to be eligible for Reality Construction and real Estate?

How to Apply?

Applicants who fulfill the abovementioned criteria can submit non-returnable application letters, CVs and relevant supporting documents in a Word or PDF file within ten days to the following email address: by mentioning the job title in the subject line. Interested applicants can apply in person at Reality Real Estate Office Bole Brass near yugo city church, 6th floor. Reality Construction & Real Estate vacancy 2023.

Only those who have been shortlisted shortlisted only shortlisted shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications late after the deadline will be rejected.

To find out more, contact us at 0116663339

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