Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Dec 2023

Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Dec 2023. Zemen Bank Vacancy invites qualified candidates for these open job openings.

THE Zemen Bank S.C. is one of the top banks in Ethiopia that has major blue-chip customers in its accounts. The Bank provides a variety of customer-focused financial services.

We are a dynamic, growing financial institution that is seeking enthusiastic employees for our staff. We are committed to providing high-quality quality customer service, honesty determination, teamwork, and dedication. If you are a fan of these ideals then now is the right moment to sign up with the bank. Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Dec 2023.

Zemen Bank S.C. is focused on giving its customers options and ease of use. We believe that banking should be not restricted to branches, and we view it as “something that you perform rather than a destination.”

Position 1: Electrician


  • TVET graduates Electricity


  • Minimum 2 years of prior work experience

The job is responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of the services, such as lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

Major Duties:

  • Keep track of the power generation process, transmission, and distribution
  • Install, maintain as well as repair electric control wiring and lighting systems.
  • Check out blueprints and technical diagrams.
  • Conduct general electric maintenance.
  • Examine circuit breakers, transformers as well as other electrical parts.
  • Find the cause of electrical problems by using test equipment.
  • Repair and replacement of electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures.
  • Be sure to follow the National Electrical Code state and local building rules.
  • Circuit breaker corrective maintenance.
  • A good understanding of heating and cooling systems.
  • Knowledge of test equipment.
  • Other duties are at any time

Position 2: Principal Officer, Loan Review


* Bachelor’s/ B.Sc. Education in Accounting, Finance Economics, Management and Management, Business Administration, or similar areas

* Minimum 5 years of prior experience in the field, with a minimum of 1 year as a Senior Officer in the capacity of an Expert or Professional

This job is for preparing plans and reports to the section responsible for reviewing loan reviews, analyzing how to measure and assess the various risks to the bank’s credit, and may be linked with external as well as internal influences. Through analyzing the increase in loan book as well as asset quality, look over loan records of select borrower groups to analyze and review the potential risk exposures of the portfolio, and to analyze how diversification in the credit portfolio works. Create summary reports as well as recommend measures to be taken for prudential purposes and provide a report to the Loan review section.

Major Duties

  • The loan and advance are regularly reviewed and classified and advances in a way that is in line with regulations and must identify loans and advances that do not perform in compliance with the terms of repayment by contract.
  • Re-evaluate loans and advances to fully reflect the risk that comes with lending, and also to make sure that disclosures of the performance of earnings and capital should be accurate in describing the performance of loans and advances.
  • In the name of the Board committee on loan review;- recognizes the timely and accurate problems with deteriorating advances and loans; ensures the sufficiency of the reserve for the account of losses on loans; makes sure that the accrued but not collected interest recorded in the accounts of the bank is within the guidelines set out in the Directive as well as ensures that credit facilities for overdrafts are being utilized by the borrowers as per the contract of loan that they have signed with the bank. Also, when loans are taken away from their intended use allows for timely swift corrections
  • Conduct Loan reviews of borrowers’ accounts that exceed five percent of the Bank’s total capital
  • Examining all loans and advances that are required to be put in the non-accrual state;
  • Take a look at the rest of the advanced or loans portfolios to verify that The loans or advances that appear to be operating in the accounts of the Bank are performing by the provisions under the NBE Directive; Overdraft facilities are used by loan borrowers to achieve the purpose they were intended and ensuring the adequateness of the reserve for losses on loans
  • Participate in the overall implementation of strategic initiatives that reduce operational risk that is integrated into Risk and Compliance Management.
  • Do a detailed study of any common issues, conduct analyses of the root causes behind any credit administration weaknesses that are causing concern, and develop strategies to reduce the risk of loss of asset quality.
  • Head of the section for support loan review throughout the Loan review scope of preparation
  • Review and assess conformity to NBE Directives as well as the bank’s internal guidelines and policies.
  • Coach, supervise, and supervise subordinate employees. Also, compile the subordinate employee’s reports
  • Work with the risk management team to combat dangers and ensure the risk of market and credit management.
  • Promotes loan review as one of its principal goals in connection with information sharing and educating people about the importance of reviewing loan documents and management of credit risk.
  • Review any updates, changes as well as process improvements as well as automation of loans and advances.
  • Conduct loan reviews on a continuous schedule and prepare a quarterly report according to NBE Instructions. Submit the report on time to the section for loan reviews
  • Other related tasks as assigned by the supervisor.

Position 3: Manager, Banking Center

Education Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting Economics, Management, Business Administration, or other relevant areas.

Experience at least 8 (8) years of relevant and progressive experience, with at least 2 (2) years of experience as a Branch Manager.

The incumbent has the responsibility to oversee, direct, and manage the operations for the Branch (Banking Center) that he/she has been assigned, including;

  • ensuring the bank’s strategy as well as the efficiency of the Banking Center;
  • manages the Branch’s Financial Target, including deposits mobilization, credit facilitation, FX generation
  • Additionally, work on expanding the base of customers and promote digital banking, and IB utilization;
  • To ensure that customers are satisfied;
  • Inspire creativity and ingenuity at the branch level to achieve bank-level impact
  • Develop a motivated and enthusiastic workforce in an Branch;
  • Other responsibilities as specified in the description of the job

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: Dec 30, 2023

How To Apply

For those who are interested, applicants who have met the criteria above can apply with a letter of interest as well as a copy of their CV or credentials in PDF format, specifying the job you’re applying for at: www.ethiojobs.net.

You must confirm that the details provided on the application form are correct as well as complete. Recognize the importance of maintaining a high degree of integrity, professionalism, and moral conduct during the process of applying. Also, they acknowledge and consent to subject any information provided for more verification. The company reserves the right to pursue any actions in the event of false information being provided.

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