Zemen Bank Vacancy – Office Management

Zemen Bank Vacancy invites qualified applicants for the following vacant job positions. Zemen Bank S.C is one of the fastest growing financial institutions in Ethiopia with major blue-chip clients in its account. The Bank offers customer oriented financial services.

We are a fast-moving, fast-growing financial institution seeking highly energetic individuals to join our team. We value high level of customer service excellence, integrity, diligence and teamwork. If you share these values, this is the time to join the bank.

Zemen Bank S.C. is all about giving customers choices and convenience. For us, banking is not limited to just branches and we see it as “something you do, not somewhere you go.”

Position: Section Head, Office Management


Bachelor’s Degree in Office Operations Management, Business Administration, Management, or related fields


At least 5 years relevant experience with 2 years’ experience as Senior Officer/ 1 Yr. as Principal officer in a Supervisory role 

This position is responsible for creating and managing attractive professional environment for customers, employees, and others in the Bank; to manage and coordinates cleaning service provider (outsourced) and manage the relationship; to actively participate in the organization of various events; follow-up staff uniform supply and overall dress code issues; and manage Zemen Bank’s staff cafeteria.

Major Duties

  • Prepare guidelines, plans and budgets for the implementation of office management activities.
  • Build and maintain a very professional and attractive office environment to ensure good look and ambiance and ultimately ensure convenience to customers, employees, and others in the Bank.
  • Manage the contract of the cleaning service provider (outsourcer); coordinates and controls its employees and ensures the proper performance of obligations per the cleaning service contract.
  • Contact the cleaning service provider’s office and for contract amendments, service quality issues, and verifies payment requests per the contract.
  • Manage the flower suppliers; monitors the quality together with user units and verifies payment requests
  • Work closely with the procurement team to forecast the uniform and related materials needed of respective fiscal years; Assist them in quality selection; check qualities up on receiving and distribute to beneficiaries entitled uniforms per the human resource policy and procedure of the bank.
  • Initiate maintenance requests and ensure good office layout, look and ambiance to the environment.
  • Coordinate the customer service representatives to ensure proper implementation of office dress code.
  • Receive requests from various user units in the bank and actively participates in the event organizations and performs his/her own task; facilitates periodic meetings, trainings, workshops,
  • Receive travel requests and manages flight bookings and verifies payments for domestic and international trips.
  • Work closely with the human capital team to check staff deployments, monitor provisions of quality services, supplies, sales, and cash collections daily.
  • Coordinate customer service representatives and administrative assistants and manage the distribution of incoming and outgoing emails in a proper and timely manner.
  • Review periodic reports and submits to the supervisor
  • Train and coach junior employees in the area.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time

Location: Addis Ababa,

Deadline: Apr 6, 2024

How To Apply:

Interested applicants who meet the above requirements can submit their application letter and updated CV and credentials in PDF format by clearly stating the position that you are applying for through: www.ethiojobs.net

Please certify that all the information provided in this application form is accurate, complete, and true. acknowledge in maintaining high level professionalism, Integrity, and ethical conduct throughout the application process. and also understand and agree to uphold the data provided to further verification and the company right to take any action for providing false data.

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  1. Application Letter
    Date :20/02/2024
    Aliyi Abrahim Mammada
    Phone: 0917843917
    Subject: Requesting to accept my application letter
    First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Aliyi Abrahim Mohammad
    . I Have been graduated From Dambi Dollo University Department of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management (B.A) on Augosy 27,2023 GC
    I have the greatest interest to join your organization. I have good commitment to serve workers and staff members to whom your organization renders service without considering working time, knowledge and space.
    During my stay in a campus, I took various courses that are equipped me with profound knowledge that will be expected from me adequately. If I will get the opportunity to work in your organization, I will do my best to execute responsibilities expected from me for the achievement of organization goal.
    I sincerely hope that you will let me know the response soon. For more information, curriculum vitae (CV) and other relevant information are attached here.
    Thank you in advance for considering my application.
    1. Personal information details
    Full name: Aliyi Abrahim Mohammad
    Sex: Male
    Birth date: October/02/1991E.C
    Place of Birth: Melka Bello
    Region: Oromia
    Zone: East Hararge
    Marital status: Single
    Nationality: Ethiopian
    Mobile:0917843917/ 0952393797
    2. Educational Back Ground
    2012-2015 E.C: Dambi DolloUniversity, main campus Department of Bachelor of Arts Degree in BusinessManagement (B.A)
    2008-2009 E.C: Harow Secondary school (9-10)
    1999-2004 E.C: (1-8) Dirre kufa primary school
    2010-2011 E.C (11-12) Jaja preparatory school

    3. Educational qualifications
    Dambi Dollo University Department of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management (B.A)
    Cumulative GPA:3.1
    Major GPA:3.1
    Exit Exam 53(%)
    In addition to this I have a legal full document from grade 8th up to 12th +4.
    4. Language skills
    Afan Oromo is my mother tongue and I have a good professional skill to communicate with peoples in Amharic and English languages.

    Very good
    Very good

    Very good
    Very good

    Afan Oromo

    5. Related work experience
    I have been Giving Voluntary service during summer by teaching students and adults since when I was grade 7. My voluntary service which always give me satisfaction is of summer 2019 which grouped Excellent students from Jaja town in order that they gave voluntary education for grade 9-12 students. I was awarded certificate shown blow from two organizations due my voluntary.
    I am healthy and capable of doing any type of work, disciplined and patient behavior.
    Excellent relation with everybody and also free from any addiction and also I have an experience to conduct a research standing from internship, project work
    7. Hobbies:
    Reading any kind of books that related to my profession. And living hopefully.
    Update my thoughts as per technology change.
    Upgrade my educational status


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