Abay Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023

The Abay Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023. Abay Bank S.C. invites highly qualified and competent candidates to fill the positions listed below.

Abay Bank has fulfilled all the requirements required by Ethiopia’s National Bank of Ethiopia to establish a bank. it was established officially on the 14th of July, 2010. The bank began full-fledged banking operations on the 3rd of November 2010.

The current capital of the bank stands at 4.733 Billion/4 Billion Seven Hundred Three Million Birr at the time of June 30, 2023, and the total number of shareholders was 4,437437 or Four Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-Seven. Abay Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

The Bank can serve every sector of the economy with its branch network. The Bank’s services are extended for domestic commerce and services, trade with international markets and services, as well as industry, agriculture transportation, construction, and real estate.

Position 1: IFB – Operation Officer

Job Summary

They are responsible for regularly reviewing crucial IFB opportunities for resource development and determining customers for corporate deposits.

Assist in the separation of accounts and the funds from the IFB business from traditional ones and ensure proper consolidation at the branch and Branch. Create events such as customer meetings and visit programs.

Create IFB the performance report for deposits of branches or districts and send it IFB deposit report to the manager operation for review; Completes any other tasks that are assigned by the immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements

Education Level and Experience: Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Banking & Finance/ Accounting Business Administration or Economics or Management related study. at least three years of working experience in banking operations preferably with IFB.

Place of Work: Head Office

Position 2: IFB – Corporate Financing Officer

Job Summary

They are responsible for making sure that the applicant’s IFB finance requests adhere to the bank’s IFB policies and procedures. Checks all the required documentation for processing financing and sends an acknowledgment to the client. Finds the right financial and non-financial details concerning the company customer and sends it to the credit Appraisal.

Job Requirements

The level of education and experience minimum BA degree with a major in Banking & Finance/Accounting or Business Administration or Economics/Management or any business-related subject with a minimum of 3 years ‘ experience in bank operations, preferentially with IFB.

Place of Work: Head Office

Position 3: Branch Manager Grade -1

Job Summary

The Manager is responsible for planning and coordinating the activities and overall operations of the branch. The Manager also follows up and reviews the Branch’s activities/targets against the established performance standards. Abay Bank Jobs Vacancy 2023.

The Manager motivates and guides those in charge of customer service to provide top-quality customer service. They identify and attract prospective customers, and offer expert advice, as well as others.

Job Requirements

Academic Level and Work Experiential Experience: BA in Management, Economics, Accounting & Finance or Marketing, or Banking & Finance Business Administration or another business-related subject with 6(Six) years working in the banking industry, including 2(two) years of experience in a position of supervision.

Place of Work

  • Adama City Branches (Deddiecha Arara , Adama Ras ,Chefe ,& Berecha )
  • Assela & Chilalo Branch
  • Assosa Branch
  • Mersa Branch

How to Apply?

The deadline for applications is 23rd December 2023.

Candidates who are interested and meet these criteria are eligible to apply on the spot at the Human Capital Administration Department, ABAY Bank Head Office; 8th Floor8th Floor Zequala Complex, Located around Bambis near the NOC Gas Station.

  • The short-listed candidates will be notified.

Notification: Those who are interested in applying for the Level 1 Branch Manager position for the Mersa Branch can apply at the Human Capital Administration Department, ABAY Bank Head Office, or Dessie District Office.

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