How can I Get a Job in Ethiopia?

Everyone searches for a job to find new opportunities. If you are asking “how can I get jobs in Ethiopia? We will navigate you to the jobs market, where you can find the jobs of your dreams.

In this article, we will see and discuss how you can get a job in Ethiopia? Whether you are an Ethiopian resident or a work traveler no matter whether you get the job.

Also, we provide you with different job sites where you can find jobs and how to apply for them. And will answer some general questions most people ask.

How can I Get a Job in Ethiopia?

This will increase your chances of getting hired and help you find a Job in Ethiopia.

Get an NGO job in Ethiopia 

Finding a job in Ethiopia can be challenging if you did not know where to start. NGO jobs create great opportunities for Ethiopian job seekers to find jobs in their dreams. Many of the world’s popular NGO companies have their office in Addis Ababa and Ethiopian regional states. 

NGO companies offer different job openings position in Ethiopia. These jobs are humanitarian aid workers, social affairs, project managers, community development experts, and communications specialists. NGO employer always looks for a candidate who has the social experience and volunteer work. So, focus on this to get the job opportunities. United Nations and USAID Ethiopia are the most well-known non-governmental organizations in Ethiopia.

Another important thing is having the right qualification which is a relevant educational degree in fields such as international development, economics, or the social sciences. In addition, being able to speak the national language of Ethiopia, Amharic is highly beneficial.

Reporter job vacancy in Ethiopia

Searching for jobs is not an easy task, but with the right method and tricks, you can find the jobs you want fast. There is plenty of websites that can help you hit your goals fast. 

Reporter jobs are one of the most popular job sectors in Ethiopia. They work on media production and currently have several newspapers and magazine websites. There are different jobs site and the Reporter job vacancy in Ethiopia is the first.

Reporter jobs websites post different jobs every day. Many of these jobs require prior experience, particularly in the education, bank jobs, and healthcare fields. 

How can I get a job in the commercial bank of Ethiopia?

Finding a job at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia can be an exciting prospect for job seekers. It is a great place to learn and gain experience in employment.

The commercial bank of Ethiopia is one of the largest banks in Ethiopia and has many branches in addis ababa. With the right qualified candidates and experience, it is possible to get a job at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Start visiting the commercial banks of Ethiopia jobs posting page. Then you can search for open job positions in your fields and apply online on application form. Also, you can contact friends or any relative who works in a bank and ask them to provide you with useful information and contact that may give good chance to get the jobs

When applying for an open new jobs position in the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, you will need to have the right educational qualifications and experience (for the managerial level). Most of the jobs are for fresh graduates jobs in fields of accounting, risk management, or business may be advantageous. 

Once knows you have the necessary qualifications and experience for the job, you should make Your cv well prepared and an application letter. This includes writing a strong CV, providing references, and preparing for any potential interviews. 

Finding a job at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is a great job opportunities. With the right qualifications, experience, and preparation, it is possible to find a great job in the bank and enjoy a successful career.

How to get an online job in Ethiopia?

The pandemic in 2022 is creating a good opportunity for many sectors to work from home. Getting online new jobs is easy and flexible jobs position title you can do anywhere around the world. 

In Ethiopia, online jobs are not that much famous, but you can do them with the right equipment and internet connection. Online jobs just need a good-conditioned laptop and an internet connection.

There is a different website that offers online jobs in Ethiopia. From these LinkedIn is the one and many other companies in Ethiopia list online jobs on their website.

What is the salary in Ethiopia?

You can access different jobs in Ethiopia and apply for if in jobs in your fields of the area. But what is the salary expectation you have? It is an important step before to start searching for jobs in specific companies to know the salary range for employment they have. 

In Ethiopia, the salary range is 2000 birr to 15000 birrs a month for beginner and middle-level experienced work depending on the job’s position and skills you have. 

For the banks, the salary range is 8000 to 1500 which is very attractive for fresh graduates and for the experience level, it goes to 50000 birr per month which is at managerial levels. 

Well-paid companies in Ethiopia are only NGO companies. Their salary range is 15000 birrs to 25000 birrs for fresh graduate employees and for experienced it goes up to 120000 birrs per month. Working in NGO is a great chance to secure your financial income. And have equal employment opportunity.

Can foreigners work in Ethiopia?

You may have a different quotation in your mind. Maybe one of these is “can foreigners work in Ethiopia? The short answer is yes, foreigners can work in country. your only need work visa.

There are a few restrictions, depending on the type of work permit and country rules, but it is possible to work and live in Ethiopia as a foreigner.


In conclusion, getting a job in Ethiopia requires research, planning, and acting. You need to understand local job posting sites and jobs market industries before start searching for jobs in Ethiopia. 

Also, check and engage with companies in the industry, attend local events, and take advantage of online job boards to increase your chances of finding the perfect job. With the right approach and dedication, you can be successful in your job hunt in Ethiopia.

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