New Abyssinia Bank Job Vacancy 2023

New Abyssinia Bank Job Vacancy 2023. Abyssinia Bank invites qualified applicants to apply for these positions.

Bank of Abyssinia has registered an impressive increase in the amount of capital that is paid and overall assets. The bank also has attracted many experienced employees, valued shareholders, and huge customers from every sphere of existence.

The performance of the Bank demonstrates public trust in the Bank as well as the reliability and trust of its products and services.

Position 1: Junior Digital Banking Officer

Education Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting, Management Banking, Marketing, Finance Economics, Finance or different business-related areas.

Expertise:-Minimum 2-years’ bank knowledge

Place of Work: Hawassa District

Position 2: Banking Business Officer

Education: BA degree in Management, Accounting, Marketing Banking as well as Finance, Business, or related areas. New Abyssinia Bank Job Vacancy 2023.

Experience: Minimum of two years’ banking knowledge.

Job Objective:

To advertise bank products and services that the customers request, and offer efficient and superior services to clients in line with the bank’s policies, procedures, or guidelines, as well as any additional pertinent regulations.

Place of Work: Dire Dawa District, Hawassa District

Position 3: Senior Banking Business Officer

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Management, Accounting Marketing Banking, and Finance Economics, or other fields of business.

Experience: At least 4 years of banking experience.

Job Objective:

to authorize transactions that are by the bank’s risk appetite and do not compromise customers’ satisfaction. and to respond to customer requests and offer efficient and quality services to the customers according to the bank’s policies, procedures guidelines, and any other relevant regulations. New Abyssinia Bank Job Vacancy 2023.

Place of Work: Hawassa District

Position 4: Grade I Branch Business Manager

Educational Qualifications: MBA/BA Degree in Accounting Marketing, Management, Banking and Finance Economics, or any other related business fields.

Experiential: Minimum of 4/6 years of banking experience. Supervisory experience can be beneficial.

Job Objective:

To guarantee the efficacy of the branch’s marketing and sales activities and mobilization of resources expanding access to branches by utilizing digital banking as well as efficient and superior services to clients in a constant manner at the branch throughout the day by the bank’s policies or procedure, guidelines and any other relevant regulation. New Abyssinia Bank Job Vacancy 2023.

Place of Work: Hawassa District

DeadlineNov 11, 2023

How to Apply?

After checking the eligibility criteria and preparing all the necessary documents, qualified and eligible applicants apply online through the BoA career website:-

  • Application in person or by post will not be accepted.
  • Ineligible/Unqualified applicants will be automatically rejected,
  • Candidates are asked to send just one application
  • People who have submitted multiple applications are not eligible.
  • All updates will be announced by email only. New Abyssinia Bank Job Vacancy 2023.
  • Only those who have been short-listed will be contacted.

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