Abyssinia Bank Job Security Officer

Abyssinia Bank invites qualified applicants for the positions listed below.

Bank of Abyssinia has registered significant growth in capital paid-up and total assets. It also attracted many experienced employees with a wealth of shareholders and huge customers from all kinds of backgrounds. This shows the public’s trust in the Bank as well as the reliability and satisfaction with its services.

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Virtual banking that is conducted by the use of an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) gives you the experience of working with the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) as well as working with an actual teller. Sometimes referred to as ITMs are also known as virtual teller. They have the machines automation to handle currency, accept cheques, scanning ID as well as printing the receipts. They also include human involvement to the transaction by using digital communication tools that communicate with a live remote person in the bank. Similar to the use of Skype on personal computers, ITMs allow voice communication (over the speaker or on using a personal handset) and video conferencing and chat.

Position – Security Management.Security Officer I

Required Qualification and Experience
Education : 12th/10th grade completed and certificate of basic Police or military training.
Experience: At least 2 years experience as a Police or Military officer in the age range of 25-45. Banking experience is beneficial

Job Summary
Security of bank employees customers, their buildings offices, assets and facilities as well as maintaining and controlling security equipment at a suitable level Controlling and directing vehicles that enter and leaving the buildings following the directions and laws enacted by the nation and the bank.
Workplace: Head Office, Addis Ababa
Deadline: January 26, 2024

How to Apply for the Abyssinia Bank S.C ?

Candidates who are interested and meet the above requirements are able to send their CVs, applications and non-returnable documents of their qualifications via the link to apply online in this announcement.

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