Ethiopian Airline Vacancy: Exploring Exciting Opportunities

Ethiopian Airline Vacancy: Exploring Exciting Opportunities. Ethiopian Airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia and the largest aviation company in Africa. Headquartered at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, it serves over 120 destinations on 5 continents with a fleet of advanced Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier aircraft.

Some key facts about Ethiopian Airlines:

  • Established in 1945
  • 17,000+ employees
  • Best-in-class training programs
  • Cutting edge tech like onboard WiFi

As one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, Ethiopian is rapidly expanding its presence globally. This means new vacancies across many areas:

  • Pilots – Opportunities for experienced captains to rookie co-pilots.
  • Cabin crew – Air hostess and steward roles with world class training.
  • Aviation management – Finance, logistics and administrative positions.
  • Customer service – Ground staff and passenger service agents.

In the next sections, we’ll cover open positions in detail, application process, salaries and more as we explore careers with Africa’s leading airline brand!

History and Operations of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines has a long and pioneering history in the African aviation industry marked by several firsts across the continent. Since its establishment in 1945, the airlines group  has connected Ethiopia to the world and played a key role in the socioeconomic development of the region.

Founding and Early Years

  • Founded in 1945 with the assistance of American carrier TWA
  • Operations began in Addis ababa ethiopiawith Douglas DC-3/C-47 aircraft
  • In the 1950s-60s, introduced planes like Boeing 720B and Boeing 707 to fleet
  • Hailed as the first African carrier to launch jet aircraft service

Global Expansion

In the 1970s and onwards, Ethiopian Airlines rapidly expanded connections globally:

  • Established hubs across Africa – Abidjan, Nairobi
  • Launched routes to Europe, Asia Pacific, North America
  • Became one of the first carriers to [serve] (# “serve”) China in 1973
  • Signed codeshare deals with leading airlines like United, Lufthansa etc.

Today, Ethiopian flies to over 75 international destinations through:

  • An ultra-modern 100+ aircraft fleet for passengers and cargo
  • State-of-the-art facilities at the addis ababa international airport hub
  • Connections across 5 continents and strong presence in emerging markets
  • Star Alliance membership enabling smooth transfers for customers globally

Fast Facts About Ethiopian Airlines

1958First African airline jet service
1961Pioneer of African aviation technology training
2002First sub-Saharan African airline to offer non-stop flights to the US

With its sustained profitability and double-digit annual growth, Ethiopian Airlines is recognized globally as a key player pioneering connections, efficiency and sustainability in air travel.

Job Opportunities at Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airline Vacancy regularly announces new job vacancies, providing opportunities for individuals to join the airline in various capacities. The airline offers diverse job roles, including positions for pilots, cabin crew, ground staff, and management roles.

As one of the largest and most successful airlines in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines provides a dynamic and rewarding work environment for its employees.

With its rapid expansion, Ethiopian Airlines has numerous open positions across departments. From cabin crew roles to management openings, there are diverse careers available with attractive benefits.

Current Vacancies

As one of Africa’s largest aviation groups, Ethiopian Airline Vacancy frequently posts job openings aligned to its growth: ethiopian job vacancy OR ethiopian airport vacancy is

  • Pilots – Opportunities range from co-pilot to captain roles on latest aircraft.
  • Cabin crew – Air hostess and cabin staff positions focusing on inflight service quality.
  • Engineering – Aircraft maintenance and technical operations jobs.
  • Management – Finance, logistics and administration leadership roles.

Features and Benefits

Working at Ethiopian Airlines offers:

  • Competitive salary plus global standards of allowances
  • Opportunities for advancement to higher roles
  • Discounted travel perks for employees and family
  • Training at Ethiopian Aviation Academy facilities
  • Exposure to cutting edge airline technology
  • ethiopian airlines vacancy marketing

The airline also provides transport, accommodation, uniforms and healthcare benefits as part of employment.

Applying for Jobs

The application process at Ethiopian Airlines involves:

  • Checking Ethiopian Airline Vacancy for openings or ethiopian airlines vacancy com.
  • Reviewing eligibility criteria for selected positions
  • Submitting required documents like resume, qualifications
  • Completing assessment steps like exams, interviews
  • ethiopian airlines training vacancy
  • accounting finance professionals

Check the careers page for latest listings across the airline’s global operations. Some current openings:

First Officer – Boeing 777Addis Ababa
Station Control Center AgentDublin
Aeronautical EngineerBangkok

Application Process at Ethiopian Airlines

To apply for vacancies at Ethiopian Airlines, follow the step-by-step guide below for a smooth experience. We outline the documentation, assessments, and tracking procedures involved through completion. ethiopian airlines careers.

Checking Open Positions

Start by reviewing available openings on the careers page ethiopian airline new vacancy. (

  • Navigate to the specific section like Pilots, Cabin Crew etc.
  • Filter by location to see country-specific jobs
  • check ethiopian airlines group vacancy 2024
  • Note application deadline for opportunity of interest
  • check ethiopian airlines written exam result
  • check Ethiopian Airline Vacancy Announcement

Shortlisted jobs will be posted with eligibility criteria, salary offered and instructions to proceed.

Application Submission

To apply, compile these documents in PDFs:

  • Updated CV/resume
  • Relevant licenses, training certificates
  • Academic degree certificates
  • Passport photocopy
  • Additional role-specific requirements

Submit these per the application link/email provided in the vacancy posting:

  • Complete all fields in the application form
  • Upload documents as required
  • Finish all sections to register your application

You will receive a confirmation on successful submission.

Assessment Process

Depending on the opening, further steps may include:

  • Written exam – Core competency tests
  • Interviews – In-person or video conferencing
  • Simulations – Demo of capabilities like piloting
  • Medical evaluation – Health fitness checks

Prepare in advance for relevant evaluations for your role.

Tracking Application Status

You can check your application status by:

  • Logging in to candidate portal to see stage
  • Calling HR (for phone interview updates)
  • Checking email for next steps/assessments

Shortlisted applicants will receive offer letters to formalize employment. Required paperwork and onboarding follows before joining your position with the airline.

Build your career in the skies with Ethiopia’s flagship carrier.

Benefits of Working at Ethiopian Airlines

Employees of Ethiopian Airlines are offered competitive salary packages and a comprehensive benefits program. The airline also provides opportunities for career growth and advancement, along with various employee perks and incentives. Working at Ethiopian Airlines not only offers financial rewards but also the chance to be part of a reputable and forward-thinking organization in the aviation industry.

Ethiopian Airlines offers a very attractive employee value proposition with competitive rewards. Here are some of the top benefits of building your career with Ethiopia’s leading aviation group.

Salary and Allowances

As one of Africa’s most prestigious travel brands, Ethiopian Airlines provides:

  • Competitive salaries benchmarked to industry and location
  • Wide range of allowances like overtime, travel, transfers
  • Annual wage revisions to account for inflation
  • Bonuses based on company performance

Salaries start at entry levels and can progress to leadership grades based on roles.

Growth and Learning

Working with Ethiopian enables professional growth through:

  • Career development programs to transition across openings
  • Comprehensive technical and soft skills training
  • Global exposure through international placements
  • Support for higher aviation studies

The in-house Ethiopian Aviation Academy offers world-class learning facilities as well.

Travel and Lifestyle

Some standout perks for employees include:

  • Discounted or free travel for staff and dependents
  • Guest travel passes to offer to friends/family
  • Exclusive discounts at global partner hotels, brands
  • Free transport services from designated locations

This enables pursuing your wanderlust as you scale up!

Healthcare and Wellbeing

Ethiopian invests holistically in employee wellbeing via:

  • Comprehensive medical insurance coverage
  • Additional health benefits for outpatient needs
  • Caregiver leaves like maternity, bereavement
  • Counseling and other wellness initiatives

The aim is to enable performance along with living fulfilled, balanced lives.

With its unique mix of rewards, growth and global exposure, Ethiopian Airlines offers a dream career package for aviation professionals.

Joining Ethiopia’s Leading Airline

Joining Ethiopian Airlines can have a significant impact on one’s career. The airline’s commitment to excellence and safety, along with its global presence and strong reputation, provides employees with valuable experience and professional development opportunities.

Working for Ethiopian Airlines means being part of a team dedicated to delivering exceptional service and maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

With its pioneering history and rapid growth, Ethiopian Airlines offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to shape aviation globally while accelerating your career.

Impact on Your Career Trajectory

By becoming part of Ethiopian Airlines, you stand to gain:

  • Global expertise in aviation by partnering with an industry leader
  • Transferable skills across operations, customer service and management
  • Scope to transition across diverse roles within the airline group
  • Prospects to join Ethiopian’s international expansion

It sets you up for dynamic long-term career advancement in the airline industry.

Commitment to Excellence

Ethiopian Airlines outpaces rivals with:

  • Billion dollar investments in new aircraft and infrastructure
  • Next-gen passenger comfort via wifi, streaming inflight
  • Operational excellence reflected in 95%+ on-time performance
  • Rigorous safety frameworks meeting global benchmarks

Joining Ethiopian enables collaborating with the best to shape the future of African air travel.

Opportunity to Lead Change

As Ethiopian Airlines continues its rapid expansion across Africa and beyond, opportunities abound to drive change via:

  • Optimizing passenger experience for the continent
  • Enhancing service levels at diaspora-focused destinations
  • Standardizing safety and sustainability across markets
  • Unlocking air transport’s potential as an economic catalyst
  • ethiopian airlines training vacancy

With the right vision, the horizons are truly limitless here for go-getters.

Milestones Achieved Over 75+ Years

2023Named ‘Best Regional Airline in Africa’
2021Joined highest IATA safety ranking
2020Africa’s largest aviation group by revenue
2015First Boeing 787 Dreamliner service

Inside Perspectives from Ethiopian Airlines Employees

With over 17,000 staff globally, Ethiopian Airlines brings together top talent who contribute to its success story. Hear first-hand experiences of working with one of Africa’s most prestigious brands.

Mary Agmas – First Officer Boeing 787

I joined Ethiopian 5 years ago as a pilot trainee and now fly regional routes as First Officer. Key highlights so far:

  • World-class training at Ethiopian Aviation Academy with simulator practice
  • Chance to operate advanced aircraft like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner early in my career
  • Great exposure partnering with senior international captains
  • Opportunity to become Captain within 8-10 years

I’m grateful for the constant learning and growth that keeps my career exciting.

Thomas Kwaku – Hub Control Manager, Addis Ababa

Leading the nerve center of ET’s largest hub is thrilling and demanding:

  • Managing 100s of flights daily needing coordinated ground operations
  • Liaising between incoming pilots, traffic control, ground staff
  • Ensuring on-time performance meets 97%+ benchmark
  • Overlooking infrastructure like gates, baggage systems

I enjoy the hustle and complexity to send flights smoothly skyward!

Sophia Berehe – Air Hostess, Johannesburg Route

As cabin crew, no two days are alike when serving passengers internationally:

  • Welcoming travelers abroad favorite ET routes
  • Ensuring prompt elegant inflight service on meals, amenities
  • Coordinating with 120+ cabin crew globally
  • Chance to occasionally work business class with higher perks!

We bring Ethiopian hospitality above the clouds!

The testimony above shows the diversity of professional experiences powered by ET.


Ethiopian Airlines offers a world of opportunities to build your career in aviation while being part of an industry trailblazer.

Summary of Opportunities

As outlined in this guide, Ethiopian Airlines has extensive vacancies spanning:

  • Pilots – Become captains of advanced fleet
  • Cabin crew – Provide exemplary inflight service
  • Engineering and technical – Maintain ultra-modern aircraft
  • Management – Strategic, financial and operational leadership

With Africa’s largest network, flexible careers allow transitioning roles.

Why Join Ethiopia’s Flag Carrier

Key reasons to pursue your aviation aspirations with ET:

  • Chance to grow with one of the world’s fastest growing airlines
  • Learn the ropes from experts leading African aviation
  • Benefit from strong salary, world-class training, lifestyle perks
  • Exposure to high-growth markets across Africa and beyond

As an ambitious professional, you contribute to ET’s trailblazing journey.

Current Industry Rankings

CategoryAwards and Ratings
SafetyFull IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) compliance
Service4-star Skytrax airline rating
SustainabilityFirst African airline to join Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Now is the best time to explore opportunities with a modern pan-African brand shaping global air travel’s future. Review open positions and apply today to emerald skies ahead!

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