How to write application letter that makes you competitive?

How to write application letter that makes you competitive? If this is your question, look no further. Here, we offer sample application letter templates as the ultimate answer.

Employers who hire with no application letters are a bad idea. Your application letter is the sole method to present the potential employer who you are clearly and also to describe your personal experience in an easy and compelling sentence format.

Are You Applying For That Dream Job? But Aren’t Sure What Should Be Included In It? No worries; here, we offer all of the answers that could be needed!

In this post, we’ll learn how to compose your application letter in a way that is more competitive and differentiates you from others. The article will outline the definition of the term “application letter,” discuss the various kinds and parts of an application, and give guidelines on how to compose compelling letters for applications.

What is an Application Letter?

A letter of application is a document that you attach to your resume whenever you apply for employment. This is also referred to as an application letter the majority of the time. The application letters contain complete details about yourself in paragraph format.

They ask for the location of the organization for which you made your application, your birthday date, your academic background, what skills and experience you can bring to the business, as well as your abilities and any credentials you may have to get the position.

Your letter must be brief and grammatically correct; additionally, its format must be strictly observed, or you could miss its purpose entirely.

What is the Purpose of an Application Letter?

This request letter intends to give more details and to back up your resume or CV.

As you write for prospective employers, it is possible to include the skills and experiences that are relevant to the position by listing the title of the job.

In your letter of application, it is possible to explain the reasons you’re qualified for the position and how you got the list of jobs. Briefly, you should write about the abilities you possess and what you could offer to businesses in the event that they choose to hire you.

Types of Application Letters

Before writing your application letter, it is important to determine the type of letters you’ll write based on what you require the letter for.
There are many varieties of letters for applications. However, we will examine four only.

1. An application letter for a job

An application letter for a job is among the documents most used documents by those looking for jobs. In some way, it has been utilized previously if you’re an aspiring graduate or seeking a new job.

An application letter for employment features a distinct style that differentiates it from all other application letters.

Here are a few examples of how job applications are read and understood in a manner that is different from other job application letters.

write application letter

Application letters always┬áconcentrate on the post you are applying for as well as the employer of your company. The letter should include the name of the company and the name of the position, as well as the qualifications and expertise you possess that will aid your company’s development.

2. Application letter for scholarship

If you’re a university or university student, and you wish to join an academic institution, you need to prepare an application letter together with your resume. The letters for scholarships are typically utilized by students who want to further their educational level.

The letters of application to the scholarship differ from letters for job applications letters as well as other forms of correspondence due to the writing style and formatting.

Here’s a sample letter for you to compare with other application letters.

Application letter for scholarship

Letters for scholarships should be focused on the college you’d like to be awarded the scholarship and also the areas you wish to pursue. It is possible to include the degree you earned and the reason you’d like to go to this institution.

3. An application letter for admission

Letters of admission are utilized by those who wish to gain permission or be granted entry into a particular company or organization. The majority of the time, the type of letter is employed by NGO personnel.

Here’s an example of the admissions letter.

application letter for admission

Admissions application letters are designed for the institution or company institutions you would like to get permission to gain all access and to work for the organization or business. The short version is that an admissions request letter grants the applicant recognition from the organization or the institution.

4. An application letter for an internship

An application for an internship letter is a form of letter for an internship. An application letter for an internship is used to request employment with an organization or business, whether that’s college or university-related or otherwise. Students from these academic levels can compose such letters when applying for their desired program of internship placement.

An internship application varies significantly from other forms of application letters; below, you’ll be able to view an example and examine its difference.

application letter for an internship

Your letter of application to prospective employers should request their support and permission to host an internship program. Make sure to include information about where and who attended school, as well as which department would benefit from an internship opportunity.

Components of an Application Letter?

In order to write an application letter, it is necessary to understand its elements. As with other essay types, the application letter has the same format and design to be followed.

If you compose a letter of application, ensure that you have included the following elements within the letter

1. The header part of the letter

The header portion of an application letter includes both your complete address as well as that of your company address. Your information includes your full name, telephone number, email address, and physical address – plus those belonging to any associated companies (if applicable), their names/addresses, as well as dates in relation to which this letter has been written and received.

See the example below (only the header portion of the letters).

                                                        Name: -Meron  Assefa Girma

                                                        Phone No.:- +2519**002*92


                                                        City: – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Company name: – Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd 

Address: – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Date: – August 23, 2022 G.C

2. The introduction parts

In the introduction in the introduction, it is necessary to mention the name of the recipient or include the pronoun of the individual who read the letter.

If you are familiar with the name of the company and H.R. director, then it’s acceptable. However, if there’s no name, use the words sir or madam in an email.

Additionally, in your letter, you should provide an introduction of yourself, including both your name and qualifications as an introduction.

Take a look at this sample document.

Dear Hiring manager,

My name is Meron  Assefa Girma and I am graduated from Bahirdar University in Mechanical Engineering.

3. The main body of the letter

In the body, you describe your application for the job, the position, your contribution to the business, as well as your experience and any expertise or experience that you will need to bring to the business.

For anyone composing an application letter, its contents should always remain its top priority and focus on this particular body of the text, as this serves as the reason it exists in the first place.

Have a look at the following letter template, which features its body.

As such, I’ve submitted this letter of inquiry to apply for an opening job as a Document specialist or Project manager assistant. I am writing to convey my gratitude and sincere desire to be considered for a job opening in your organization. My previous work experience includes being a team leader for Hayatcom IT PLC, a Huawei subcontractor, and also as a supervisor for Adiu Communication Service PLC, which is a Nokia subcontractor. This has given me invaluable knowledge that allows me to help contribute to the firm’s growth. I am hoping that with my knowledge and experience in various fields, I’m the perfect person for the post.

4. The closing or conclusion part

In the final section, in the closing section, you wrap up the letter. In writing this part, it is important to establish your identity with the organization or organization you wrote your letter for. You should impress them by showing your enthusiasm for joining their business.

See the sample below for the conclusion or closing section of the letter.

I am an advocate for excellence. I have dedicated my skills and time to meeting the goals of your business with enthusiasm, commitment, and positivity. A positive outlook and attitude are integral to its success; therefore, I would welcome speaking with you shortly about setting up an interview and learning more about your venture.

Thank you so much for considering my application, and I look forward to discussing my passion for this position with you. I appreciate being considered.

I look forward to discussing my strong interest in this opportunity. Thank you for taking the time to examine my application.

5. The signature part of the letter

The signature portion of the request letter can be found under the closing section. They are the most important components of the letter; however, most of the time, these are often overlooked.

If you compose an application letter, you need to be courteous and show decent manners. For the signature area, it is possible to add your name a second time in addition to your signature.

See the example below for the signature portion of the letter.


Meron  Assefa Girma

Tips to write Application Letter that Stands out

It is possible to employ a range of strategies and techniques to craft your persuasive application letters by using an application letter example or templates.

To write a perfect application letter, it is necessary to inquire into the kinds of letters you compose.

To help, follow these steps:

1. Researching the company or institution

Based on the letter of application the letter you submit, it is your responsibility to conduct some background research on the business. Review the background of the company as well as its products or services, departmental structure, and other data that could be helpful for you.

2. Highlight the purpose of the application letter.

If you are writing an application letter, make sure that your letter clearly communicates its primary objective and message.

The letter should outline why and for what purpose this was written, as well as reasons you are qualified for employment, including the level of education and previous experience; potential value-added contributions by you; as well as any unique features about you that make you stand out amongst competitors.

3. Try to show your skills and achievements in your letter.

As part of your application for employment, you must include information that could give you an edge against other candidates.

Attribute all achievements and abilities you possess within the scope of your resume while remaining concise.

4. Proofread for errors.

When you are ready to send or upload your application, be sure to examine it to ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes. The application letter should be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.


Letters of Application are documents written in writing that accompany your CV when applying for employment or any other purpose. To create the most impressive letters possible and set yourself apart from competitors, applicants need to know about all types of application letters they are writing and how best to compose theirs.

In general, when writing applications, you need to compose them in chronological order. It is important to ensure that the application letter contains headers, the introduction, the primary part of the letter, the closing, and the Signature part of your letter. This will help you write a distinctive application letter.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What exactly is an Application Letter?

An application letter is a letter attached to your resume when you apply for a job.

How many types of applications?

1. Jobs application letter.
2. Scholarship application letter.
3. Admission application letter.
4. Internship application letter.

What are the elements of your application letter?

1. Header Part
2. Introduction part
3. Main body part
4. Closing part
5. Signature part

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