Top 15 Interesting Most Common Jobs in Ethiopia

There are most common jobs in Ethiopia always companies want to hire new candidates. The jobs industry increases straight with unemployment also too. To get jobs you must be competent and update yourself.

Worker forces are increasing overtime in Ethiopia. This makes more jobless and increase competent for one specific open job position when new jobs are posted.

In this article we will see the most common jobs in Ethiopia which posted every day. Knowing common jobs in your area increase chances of getting and apply before any one does.

Let’s see 15 common jobs in Ethiopia;

1. NGO jobs

Ngo jobs are the most common jobs in Ethiopia posted everyday by different non-governmental companies and jobs posting website.

These companies are like plan international, International Rescue Committee, Save the children, Danish Refugee Council, WFP, and more. You can get jobs posted for citizens of Ethiopia only.

Also, there is different website post their jobs like geez jobs, shola jobs, NGO jobs, and soon.

2. UN jobs

Un jobs is NGO job which only stand for united nation companies. UN companies are UNICEF, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNISFA, UNON, UNODC, UNMISS, UNOPS, UNV, UNON and more.

They post jobs on their website. You can find specific jobs which only in Ethiopia. Also, you can apply for jobs outside your country.

3. Bank jobs

Bank in Ethiopia offer different jobs for fresh graduate and experience level worker. Bank jobs is most common jobs in Ethiopia, because they post jobs every week and accept more candidate in Ethiopia.

Most Common Jobs in Ethiopia

If you graduate in fields of accounting, management, business, economics, and others related fields; you have high chance to get jobs in any bank in Ethiopia.

Most time they post jobs through their official’s website, but you can find through jobs listing website like, reporter jobs, shola jobs, and more.

4. Healthcare jobs

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors in Ethiopia. This sector post jobs every day and most of the jobs posted by governmental clinic or hospitals.

One of the great things about health care jobs are you can get jobs as soon as you graduate, because government give primary focus on health care sectors.

5. Embassy jobs

Most embassy in Ethiopia post jobs to hire who have Ethiopia citizenship and can speak local language fluently. So, if you graduate in language or literatures fields, you have high chance to get jobs in embassy.

Also, they post different jobs in fields of accounting, finance, and business on their website and jobs posting websites.

6. Accounting and finance jobs

Accounting and finance jobs are most popular and wanted sector by banks and private business owner. Bank and small business owner post jobs every day to hire accountant and who have financial knowledge.

So, if you graduate in accounting and finance fields keeps your eye on banks job posting site and private business owner site.

7. Automotive jobs

Automotive industries are increasing overtime on Ethiopia. There are different car assembly and car part Manufactory Company in Ethiopia and also every day new car imported into country.

These increases want of automotive jobs industry. If you have technical knowledge and certified certificate in automotive industry, you can search open jobs and apply.

8. Agricultural Jobs.

In Ethiopia more than 80% the population lead their live by agriculture. Agriculture sector is back bone of Ethiopian economy.

In these sectors, jobs are posted every day. But the position left open, because of insufficient educated manpower in this fields. If you graduate in agricultural fields, you have high chance to get jobs in this sector.

9. Business Management Jobs

Everyone on this day is wanted to be business man. And every successful business man has a good business management skill or hire who have remarkable business management skills.

Company wants badly a business manager for their companies who lead and gives good customer satisfaction.

If you graduate in business management fields search of company and show them the skills you have. This makes you to get your dream job in company you want to work for.

10. Construction Jobs

Building and construction sector are growing every fast in Ethiopia. Construction jobs are the most common jobs in Ethiopia for long time.

Ethiopia is one of developing country in world. And show radical change overtime. These creates great opportunity for job seeker and reduce unemployment.

If you graduate in fields of civil engineering, surveying, construction management, architectural, and other construction related fields, it’s a good chance and have high probability to get your dreams job.

One of the drawbacks of building and construction is the salary is unsatisfactory. Employer have wide range of get new employees to hire and pay small salary to keep their profit. But if you have got a chance to work for big companies pay you attractive salary, you should have to keep and do your jobs well.

11. Consultancy Jobs

Many companies need of consultancy to hire directly in company or virtual. Now days consultancy is the most common jobs in Ethiopia as well as around the world.

To be consultant for one specific company you have to know company history, mission, and vision service it’s give well enough. And you have to specialize in those areas.

One good characteristics of consultancy is solution maker ability. Anyone who need consultant come for to get a solution for a problem he/she face and the ways to improve and develop new skills or grow as companies.

12. Driver Jobs

Many companies’ manager and owner need a good driver. So over rime drivers’ jobs became popular in Ethiopia.

Most NGO in Ethiopia strongly need for a driver have knowledge in Ethiopian culture and have good driving experience and skills.

Ngo pay high salary for driver they hire to the company. Also, they provide different benefit for the driver and the driver family. These why driver jobs became so popular and searched by many people especially in Ethiopia.

To become driver and get driver jobs in NGO, you have to have driving license and have some experience in driving.

13. Data Collector Jobs

When one companies start to give service or produce a product, they need data. These open a job for who have data collecting skills.

For companies’ success, data collection plays very important roles. It gives them what kind of product or service costumer wants and how to increase productivity or develop new product to get customer satisfaction.

Data collection jobs are posted by many companies at the end of the years. These help them to get reviews on their product or service they provide.

To get data collection jobs keep eye on companies most depend on data collection and jobs listing website like shola jobs, ethiojobs, reporter jobs, and soon.

14. Engineering Jobs

Most university students in Ethiopia study engineering in different fields. But engineering jobs not much grow in Ethiopia.

Industry like car assembly, steel manufactory, metal and cable manufactory, beverage and alcohols are need more educated and skilled engineers.

If you graduate in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and computer engineering you have chance to work for this companies.

The good things of engineering jobs are offer great salary per month. Also, great place to develop new skills and update with new technology.

15. Biomedical Engineering Jobs

In recent years biomedical jobs become so popular and need by many companies whose work on health sectors.

Engineer in biomedical are rare and most biomedical technical come from foreign countries to work in Ethiopia. These show that there are no enough educated engineers in biomedical fields.

If you graduate in biomedical engineering fields, you have high chance to get the jobs in your fields. Always keep your eyes on health sector jobs vacancy to get the jobs you want.


Ethiopia is fast growing country in Africa. This creates a great jobs opportunity for jobs seekers.

There are most common jobs in Ethiopia that company or jobs website list jobs to hire new candidate every day. These jobs are NGO jobs, UN jobs, Bank jobs, health care, embassy jobs, accounting and finance jobs, automotive jobs, agricultural jobs, business management jobs, construction jobs, consultant jobs, driver jobs, data collector jobs, engineering jobs and biomedical engineering jobs.

Generally, you can get a job in one of these jobs’ fields, if you search and follow latest jobs listing website in Ethiopia.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are most common jobs in Ethiopia?

Ngo jobs are the most common jobs in Ethiopia posted everyday by many non-governmental organization and jobs listing website.

What is the most needed jobs in Ethiopia?

Bank jobs is most needed jobs in Ethiopia, because most bank post jobs every week and accept more candidate in Ethiopia.

Which field is highest salary in Ethiopia?

Engineering fields pay highest salary in Ethiopia. But Getting jobs in engineering filed is difficult.

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