How to Prepare for Phone Interviews? Be Fearless

How do I prepare for phone interviews? Be fearless

In the recruitment process, interviews are the main process. The interview can be a face-to-face interview or a phone interview. Both need proper preparation, but mostly, you have to prepare for phone interviews. Both types of interviews are common. In the modern world, phone interviews make things easy. You can sit in your home office … Read more

Best 17 Attractive Online Resume Building Websites

Best 17 Attractive Online Resume Building Websites

If you are looking for a job, you have to have a Resume or CV that fully expires your educational qualifications and experience. So, you can build a beautiful resume on online resume-building websites. Your Resume must show what you achieved and your experience in addition to your personal information. There are many online resume-building … Read more

How to Dress for Success in a Job Interview?

How to dress for success in a job interview?

For most employers, interviews are necessary to be part of the recruitment procedure. It is important to to Dress for Success in a Job Interview. When you are interviewing, you must dress in a way that has an important purpose since your first impression is crucial to your overall success. If you’re searching for “what … Read more

15 Popular Best Job Search Websites in Ethiopia

15 popular best job search websites in ethiopia

Are you looking for the best job search websites? Job searching is much easier in the modern world. The internet and websites make it easy to access jobs online by going to job boards or company job announcement boards. Job search websites change the way we look and search for jobs near us. This website … Read more

How to Write a CV: Get Your CV Ready for 2023

How to Write a CV: Get Your Curriculum Vitae Ready for 2023

How to Write a CV? You’re in right place to get useful information.  Writing a CV is the main steps to making sure you stand out from the rest of the applicants. So well-written CV will help you get noticed by employers, and showcase your skills, achievements you made, and some of your experience. But … Read more

5 Online Work from Home in Ethiopia

5 Online Work from Home in Ethiopia (ኦንላይን ስራ በኢትዮፕይ)

If you are looking for jobs or work from home in Ethiopia, you are not alone. When the world is getting crazy by the pandemic, people get new ways to get some cash from home. These create a good opportunity for people about digital marketing and remote working from home. So, it is your turn … Read more

Top 10 Interview Questions in Ethiopia

Top 10 Interview Questions in Ethiopia And How To Answer the Questions

After you apply for jobs, you expect you going to call for a job interview. Interview question looks difficult and makes some, even for the most qualified and experienced applicants. During job interviews, it’s very important to answer the questions asked by the interviewers more appropriately and confidently. Otherwise, you are going to fail in … Read more

What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, many people are struggling to get new jobs every day. The economic crisis is increasing day to day, and companies are laying off their workers to resist this crisis. Some workers search for the highest-paying jobs in Ethiopia to make a good income. In this article, we will see the 10 highest-paying jobs … Read more

Top 10 Proven Techniques and Tips for Jobs Seekers

Here are a few techniques and Tips for Jobs Seekers. On the job market, companies operate differently with regard to employee needs; to find jobs more easily, job hunters must develop new job search techniques while reading up on any applicable career advice or tips to meet them. This post highlights our top ten proven … Read more

Curriculum Vitae writing Guide and Tips : Advice from Pro

In today’s job market, creating the perfect resume or CV is critical. To find their dream jobs, job seekers must prepare the best resume or curriculum vitae. we will walk you through Curriculum Vitae writing Guide and Tips. In a job search, you have to brand yourself to stand out from the rest. So, a … Read more