Top 10 Interview Questions in Ethiopia

After you apply for jobs, you expect you going to call for a job interview. Interview question looks difficult and makes some, even for the most qualified and experienced applicants.

During job interviews, it’s very important to answer the questions asked by the interviewers more appropriately and confidently. Otherwise, you are going to fail in your first steps. Read the full job description carefully, this is the simplest question to give good answers to.

in These articles we discuss the top 10 interviews question in Ethiopia, which are asked frequently by employers. We provide you most asked job interview questions and tips to answer the question more naturally and confidently. this will help you with for future career goals.

To begin, most employers will ask, “Tell me about yourself,” which is a common interview question. This is your first impression in the interview room. So, you have to answer confidently and stay focused.

When you answer the question you have to be formal and professional in your answers. This helps you to focus on the relevant history you have made and give you clear sounds when you speak.

The key to answering the question is preparation. Before going to the interview center you have to practice some questions and provide an answer for each question. In this way, you can kill any interviews.

When someone asks, “Tell me about yourself,” always begin by introducing yourself and explaining your career path. Keep focused on relevant work experience and qualifications for the job you are applying for.

By preparing a thoughtful and concise answer to these simplest questions “Tell me about yourself”. You can demonstrate to the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job offer. When you answer focusing on the most relevant experience and qualification will make your first impression. there are different sample answers on the internet.

2. What is your greatest strength?

Everyone has some part of strength and also you. You must identify and make bold statements to show to others. Your greatest strengths can be a powerful asset in the interview process. Because it demonstrates why you’re the best candidate for the job.

When they ask you “what is your greatest strength? try to answer your key strength area only. Don’t speak too much and be overconfident. This may lower your quality and make you doubt your lair.

Mention you have great communication and interpersonal skills when working in groups. And mostly, be sure to mention specific qualities that make you stand out from other applicants.

At the end of your answer, mention how your strengths could contribute to the company’s success and future growth. 

3. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Sometimes it’s weird to speak about our weaknesses, but in interviews, This is one of the most common interview questions asked even if in Ethiopia. The key to answering the question is interview preparation.

All companies ask “what is your greatest weakness” to identify whether you fit the position or not. At this time try to answer in a way not to affect the open position jobs. Don’t say I’m not good at communication and any other good answer related to the new job.

To answer the question the good idea and positive way is to focus on parts of your weakness you improving and how this improvement helps the current company you’re going to work for. This shows the hiring managers you are continuously improving yourself and developing new things.

From other interviews question “what is your weakness” this very important. Because in this time you have to Show the interviewer that you understand your weaknesses and have taken steps to address them can make a strong impression and demonstrate your potential as a future employee.

4. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

This is one of the difficult questions. Every day people leave their jobs for different reasons and this can be a very difficult decision. This is the reason most company employer asks the question “Why did you leave your last job?”

The answer to this job interview question menially depends on the reason you leave your last job. You have to be honest with the interviewers and give an answer to the question in a professional way. if you have a current job too, try to give a good answer.

Did You Leave Your Last Job
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Whatever happened in your previous job, don’t use or respond to negative language about the companies. You have answered in positive ways and tried to mention the work experience you gain and how this develops your career growth opportunities in the future.

5. Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

When you prepare for an interview process, it’s important to consider the questions the hiring managers will most likely ask you. This question “Why do you want to work for us?” is the one.

This question may be difficult to answer if you are simply looking for work in a field that does not interest you. But, you have to answer in the right way if you want the job. Sometimes you have to hide your inner interest. for these questions, there are different example answers.

When you answer this question, it is important to mention the company name you apply for and focus on the area you think you can contribute to the company’s success.

Always, before going to the interview center, do some background research and gather information about the companies. This is an important part to show what you have and what they want from you.

6. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

In Ethiopia, answering this question is a little bit difficult, you have to prepare for any question you may be asked during the interviews.

When you answer “where do you see yourself in 5 years,” you have to show the interviewer you have a long and short plan you going to play in your life. This makes the hiring managers a clear vision of their future and response to fit the company’s mission, vision, and future goals.

And try explaining how to achieve this plan and develops new skills to hit the company’s goals and objective through your answer.

Also, demonstrate you have realistic goals for yourself and your companies to achieve in any challenge and opportunities that come in the future.

7. What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

People want to know your greatest accomplishment to know how strong you are and your success. This common questions asked by most interviewers and its common. The answer to this question is to give clue to the interviewer about your weakness, strength, and how you can handle any changes to achieve success.

When you answer try to make brief and figurative explanations and mention everything you did and the challenge you face with the solution overcome. This gives you a positive impact on what you achieve and also the thing, and you can accomplish the company’s future goals.

8. What do you know about our company?

If you want to work for a Specific Company, you have to know and have full information about that company. So, when the interviewer asks you “what do you know about our company” you do not face any problems. Because you can tell what you know about the company based on the information you get earlier.

When you answer these common questions you have to be careful and know what you speak of. Because the person who interviewing you knows their company more than you know. So, try to demonstrate your knowledge and interest you have in the company.

Additionally, mention the company’s mission, vision, and goals in your answers. And the latest news and any great achievements companies made. This captures interviewing officer and gives age over other candidates.

9. Why should we hire you?

Every company post jobs to increase their productivity in the hiring process. And you have to know your value and contribution to the companies. Knowing these give a great opportunity to stand out and help you to answer the question.

When the interviewing officer asks you “why should we hire you? Start by answering about your specific skills and experience that make you more qualified for the position. So, highlight any awards or achievements you get in those fields.

Finally, mention qualities you have like the ability to work under pressure, your leadership skills, your work as a team, communication skills you have, and any other ability you have that is related to the open job offer.

10. Describe A Difficult Work Situation And What You Did To Overcome It…

We all face once difficult situations, and what matters is we overcome them. This interview question is asked the most time by employers of companies. Because it gives them how you handle challenging situations in different ways and strategies you use to solve the situation. this shows your learning experiences from the past.

You should talk about the situation that made you stand out and how it helps you to develop a new skill. Choose your past difficult work situation and explain the situation in the manner of time. These have good values to the employer in that you can take a new challenging situation and turn it into an opportunity to use you to their advantage in the company.

Summary on Interview Questions in Ethiopia

When preparing for a job interview in Ethiopia, it is important to be prepared to answer some of the most common questions with sample answers. first, you have to read and understand the job description.

It is important to keep your answer concise and to focus on the skills and experience that are most relevant to the job. Avoid going into too much detail, and try to provide an interesting summary of your professional journey. Use this Top 10 Interview Questions in Ethiopia to achieve your future goals.

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