Top 7 Demand Jobs in Ethiopia for 2024

Ethiopia has experienced constant increase in employment and an increase in work opportunities across various industries. With significant investments in technology and infrastructure Ethiopia’s job outlook for 2024 looks positive. This article gives a thorough overviews of the most 7 demand jobs in Ethiopia that job seeking from Ethiopia should be looking for.

Criteria for selection:

  • High job opening volume
  • Strong job prospect growth
  • Good salary range
  • Variety of industries and fields

By profiling these hot careers and the qualifications needed, this guide aims to connect job seekers with the most abundant jobs and fastest growing employment areas in the country.

Overview of Job Market and 7 demand jobs in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has the second largest labor force in Africa, with job seekers and young graduates abundant. Yet finding gainful and steady employment remains challenging for many.

Understanding current trends and statistics in the Ethiopian job market provides key insights on the most promising careers and fields to enter.

Employment and Economy Snapshot

  • Population: 117 million (2024 estimate)
  • Labor force: 57 million
  • Unemployment rate: 17.2%
  • Key industries: Agriculture, Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing

The large working age population implies strong demand for jobs. However, much of the workforce remains engaged in subsistence agriculture which offers low wages.

The country has posted impressive GDP growth over the past decade, averaging over 7% annually. Major investments in infrastructure and new industries has driven job creation in urban areas.

YearNew Job Openings
20191.4 million
20201.3 million
20211.5 million
20221.8 million

Education Levels

Over 60% of the workforce only has a primary education background or lower. This skills gap can prevent job seekers from obtaining skilled roles in growing sectors.

Projected High Growth Areas

Per industry analysis, the following sectors are primed for strong employment growth and expanding job vacancies over 2024:

  • Information Technology and Communications
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Healthcare

Within these industries, we have identified the top 7 in-demand jobs that should be targeted by job seekers in Ethiopia.

1 – Software Engineer

The explosive growth of Ethiopia’s IT and tech industry has made software engineering extremely sought-after. With both local and international firms scaling their software teams, there are abundant job openings for developers and engineers.

Key Details

  • Job Description: Design, build, and maintain software applications and systems. Expertise in programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science or related field. Strong coding skills.
  • Average Salary: 1019692 Ethiopian Birr per year
  • Employment Growth: 45% projected growth by 2026 as per National Employment Forecast

Why High Demand?

Rapid digitization is enabling technology adoption in key Ethiopian industries:

  • Financial – mobile banking, FinTech innovations
  • Agriculture – inventory and supply chain management systems
  • Retail & Ecommerce – online shopping platforms

As firms undergo digital transformation, demand for software engineers to develop products has skyrocketed. Top skills in demand:

  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Local IT training programs and technology universities also expanding to create strong talent pipeline.

Key Employers

  • International tech companies expanding new facilities
    • IBM, Microsoft, Google
    • Startups raising venture capital
  • Major local banks and insurance providers
    • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
    • Nyala Insurance
    • Awash Bank
  • Logistics and agricultural industry players
    • Ethiopian Airlines
    • Belcash flower farm
    • Alema Koudijs feedlot

With its large young population and rapid economic growth, Ethiopia aims to be Africa’s next major tech talent hub. Software engineering tops the list of most stable and lucrative careers for today’s job seekers.

2 – Finance Professional

As investment and business activity grows rapidly in Ethiopia, finance roles see strong demand across industries. Jobs like accountants, auditors, and financial analysts are key to supporting economic expansion.

Key Details

  • Job Description: Provide financial reporting, planning, analysis and accounting services to businesses. Maintain records, prepare financial statements. Identify risks, opportunities.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or related majors. Certifications like CPA or CFA.
  • Average Salary: 849744 Ethiopian Birr per year
  • Employment Growth: 32% projected growth by 2026

Types of Openings

Job seekers can find openings for various finance positions:


  • Corporate accountants – maintain records, reporting
  • Public accountants – audit firms, tax accounting
  • Government accountants – budget analysis

Financial Analysts

  • Cash flow, investment analysis
  • Risk assessments
  • Financial modeling


  • Internal auditors – evaluate internal controls
  • External auditors- verify financial statements

Why High Demand?

Rising need for robust finance and accounting in high growth sectors:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Manufacturing and Export
  • Technology and Communications
  • Infrastructure Development

Also increased investment activity requiring due diligence and assurances.

Key Employers

  • Major banks – Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Awash Bank
  • Global consumer brands expanding locally – Heineken, Diageo
  • Big 4 professional service firms – KPMG, EY, PwC, Deloitte
  • Microfinance institutions and investment funds
  • Tech innovators – Amole, Gebeya

The rapid pace of economic expansion makes jobs in accounting, financial planning, and analysis quite stable and lucrative for qualified candidates. accounting is one of the best 7 demand jobs in Ethiopia

3 – Nurse/Healthcare Roles

Ethiopia’s healthcare sector is expanding rapidly to serve the large and growing population. This drives major demand for jobs like nurses, healthcare assistants across hospitals, clinics and home care services.

Key Details

  • Job Description: Provide healthcare and personal support services for patients and clients in medical settings and home environments.
  • Qualifications: Certificate or diploma in nursing. Registered Nurse status. Strong caregiving aptitude.
  • Average Salary: 283248 Ethiopian Birr per year
  • Employment Growth: 60% projected growth in healthcare roles by 2026

Types of Openings

Variety of essential nursing and caregiver positions in demand:


  • Registered Nurses – coordinate care, medication administration
  • Specialized nurses – surgical, emergency room, intensive care

Healthcare Assistants

  • Personal support – bathing, household activities
  • Medical assistance – measure vitals, change dressings

Home Health Aides

  • At-home care, senior assistance
  • Running essential errands

Why High Need?

Healthcare sector investments driving major growth:

  • New hospitals and clinics opening, expanding capacity
  • Modernization of equipment and facilities
  • Community outreach efforts on preventative care
  • New medical training programs being launched

Also, an aging population and rise of chronic illnesses has increased demand for quality caregiving personnel and home-based support.

Key Employers

  • Major public hospitals – Black Lion, St. Paul’s
  • International health non-profits – Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders
  • Private clinics and specialty centers
  • Senior living communities
  • Home healthcare agencies

From hospitals to home care, nursing and assistant jobs offer essential and reliable employment for compassionate candidates.

4 – Construction Worker

Rapid urbanization and massive infrastructure projects have spurred major demand for contruction workers across Ethiopia. With new housing, roads, dams, facilities and more being built, hiring is robust for these essential roles.

Key Details

  • Job Description: Physically intensive laborer roles – build structures, finish interiors, install utilities
  • Qualifications: No formal education required. Physical ability and endurance to perform manual tasks.
  • Average Salary: 169948 Ethiopian Birr per year
  • Employment Growth: Expected to be 40% by 2026

Types of Functions

Wide range of contruction focus areas and specializations, including:

Building Construction

  • Framing, roofing, masonry, plumbing
  • Electrical, HVAC installation
  • Painters, drywall installation

Infrastructure Projects

  • Road building and paving
  • Railway construction and maintenance
  • Dam, power plant building

Interior Finishing

  • Tile setting, carpentry
  • Decorative painters
  • Flooring specialists

Why High Demand?

Rapid pace of development across industries requiring new contruction and workers:

  • Expanding urban housing
  • New hospitals, healthcare clinics
  • Airport expansions
  • Hotels and tourism facilities amid travel boom

Also major public works projects underway:

  • Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
  • Ethio-Djibouti railway
  • Industrial park infrastructure

Key Employers

  • Major construction firms – China Communications Construction Company, Midroc
  • Real estate and property developers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Government public works departments and contractors

For Ethiopians without higher education, construction jobs provide abundant employment opportunities and room for advancement. The volume of projects makes hiring consistent.

5 – Information Technology Specialist

As technology and internet access expands in Ethiopia, more businesses seek information technology (IT) specialists to manage systems and support users. Diverse openings exist in this rapidly growing field.

Key Details

  • Job Description: Maintain computer systems and networks. Troubleshoot issues. Train users. Ensure security and upgrades.
  • Qualifications: Diploma or certificate in IT, computer science or related field. Strong troubleshooting and communication skills.
  • Average Salary: 453196 Ethiopian Birr per year
  • Employment Growth: Forecasted 35% growth by 2026

Types of IT Roles

Range of essential support and coordination positions:

Technical Support Specialists

  • Diagnose computer issues
  • Resolve software/hardware malfunctions
  • Assist non-technical users

Network Administrators

  • Install, configure networks/servers
  • Maintain architecture
  • Ensure efficient performance

Database Administrators

  • Design and manage data systems
  • Troubleshoot issues with databases
  • Improve data security and integration

Why High Demand?

  • Tech adoption spurring needs for onsite IT to support operations
  • Increased digitization – inventories, payroll systems
  • More PCs, laptops, mobile devices used in enterprise
  • Cybersecurity and data integrity priorities

Also IT offers stable growing careers for those without advanced college degrees.

Key Employers

All sizes of companies now maintaining dedicated IT personnel:

  • Banks, insurance providers
  • Manufacturers
  • Hotels/hospitality
  • Hospitals/healthcare
  • Universities
  • Telecoms
  • Government agencies

For those inclined, IT careers give opportunities to continually expand technical skills and managerial responsibilities.

6 – Administrative Assistant

With businesses across all sectors scaling up operations in Ethiopia’s fast-growing economy, demand for qualified administrative assistants is rising sharply. These critical support roles continue seeing strong hiring and job stability.

Key Details

  • Job Description: Provide organizational and clerical assistance in office settings. Help with communications, documentation, planning, daily tasks.
  • Qualifications: High school diploma. Proficiency with office software and equipment. Strong written and verbal aptitude.
  • Average Salary: 283248 Ethiopian Birr per year
  • Employment Growth: Projected to rise 28% through 2026

Types of Responsibilities

Varying admin needs generating openings:

Executive Assistants

  • Managing calendars, travel
  • Preparing reports, presentations
  • Communications – phone, email


  • Greet visitors, direct requests
  • Answer and route inbound calls
  • Schedule meetings, maintain records

Data Entry Clerks

  • Inputting paper/digital data
  • Generate tables, reports
  • Verify accuracy of information

Why In Demand?

More establishments now recognizing value of robust administrative support:

  • Boosts executive productivity
  • Enhances client/customer interactions
  • Allows companies to scale efficiently

Also crucial for those expanding locally with foreign ownership.

Key Employers

  • Bank branches
  • Law, accounting firms
  • Hotels and hospitality groups
  • Hospitals, clinics
  • Real estate agencies
  • Universities
  • Tech startups
  • NGOs/nonprofits

Admin roles offer a promising gateway for those new to office work. On-the-job training helps build capacity for added responsibilities over time.

7 – Scientist

Skilled scientists and researchers are vital as Ethiopia aims to strengthen capabilities in key strategic sectors like agriculture, medicine, and engineering. University labs and innovation hubs are expanding with openings.

Key Details

  • Job Description: Conduct experiments, collect data, perform analysis in science and R&D fields. Chemistry, biology, physics, materials, and more.
  • Qualifications: Advanced university degree – PhD, Master’s, or Bachelor’s in a scientific field. Strong research skills and analytical thinking.
  • Average Salary: 566496 Ethiopian Birr per year
  • Employment Growth: Ethiopian government targeting 30% higher graduation of STEM-field students by 2025 which will boost hiring

Types of Open Roles

Various research positions based on scientific focus:

Agricultural Scientists

  • Soil quality evaluation
  • Crop treatment testing
  • Livestock health analysis


  • DNA analysis
  • Botanical testing
  • Develop medical innovations


  • Product toxicity evaluation
  • Chemical compound research
  • Refining manufacturing processes

Why In Demand?

Goal to enhance domestic innovation capabilities especially in agriculture, medicine, clean energy.

New labs, university research centers expanding:

  • Biotech and genetics hubs
  • Agricultural research facilities
  • STEM-based vocational institutes

This builds a strong talent pipeline while offering existing scientists impactful work.

Key Employers

  • Public universities
  • Agricultural industry firms
  • Private research groups and institutes
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Government science agencies

For Ethiopians looking to utilize advanced scientific skills while giving back locally, R&D roles provide meaningful and essential career paths.


As this analysis indicates, Ethiopia’s economy continues to expand rapidly across multiple promising industries. From major infrastructure investments to an emerging technological innovation scene and growing global exports, job abundance and creation emerges.

For job seekers – whether new graduates or those looking to transition fields – many stable and well-paying opportunities exist within growing private enterprises and public sector bodies.

The top 7 demand jobs in Ethiopia highlighted in this guide represent some of the most reliable prospects currently. By targeting these burgeoning areas where local and foreign capital is concentrating, candidates can greatly enhance their employability while contributing to national economic development.

Some key takeaways for job seekers evaluating options:

  • Seek roles aligned to strategic priorities – tech, healthcare, agribusiness, light manufacturing
  • Consider opportunities with international companies investing in Ethiopia alongside stable local firms and government bodies
  • Obtain the essential degrees, certifications and demonstrable competencies required for intended field – soft skills are also invaluable

While unemployment persists and many structural economic hurdles remain, this promising moment for Ethiopian employment should be seized by the emerging generation of talented professionals.

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