Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Nov 2023

Zemen Bank Vacancy invites qualified potential candidates to apply for the open job openings.

Zemen Bank S.C. is one of the top banks in Ethiopia that has major blue-chip customers with accounts. The Bank provides a variety of customer-focused financial services. Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Nov 2023.

Our company is a rapidly-moving and rapidly growing financial institution looking for highly motivated employees for our staff. We believe in high-quality customer service, honesty, determination, teamwork and dedication. If you are a fan of these ideals, now is the best time to join our Bank.

Zemen Bank S.C. is focused on giving its customers options and flexibility. Banking should not be restricted to branches. We view banking as “something you do, not somewhere you go.” Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Nov 2023.

Position 1: Front Desk Attendant

Required Qualification and Experience:

  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • A minimum of one year of knowledge

Purpose of the Program:

The job entails taking on various flexible and customer-focused tasks as a waitress or receptionist. The person in charge will be accountable for offering a professional receptionist service at the front desk, in addition to serving drinks and food to customers. The position demands strong communication skills, attentiveness to the smallest of details, and the capacity to be able to work in a multi-tasking manner.

Position 2: Officers, Reconciliation

Required Qualification and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or management, Public Administration or other related disciplines

* At minimum three years of relevant experience, including two years at the Officer level II or equivalent

Purpose of the Program:

The position is accountable for discovering any accounting irregularities that must be corrected within 48 hours. And escalating any issues.

Position 3: Officer Dispute Management


Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance Management, Accounting, Business Administration, or any other relevant field. Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Nov 2023.


* A minimum of three years of relevant experience, with two years experience as an Officer level II/III or equivalent

The position is accountable for coordinating and monitoring every aspect of dispute resolution and conflict resolution between clients and others to management. They ensure positive relationships with banking clients and the Bank’s stakeholders.

Position 4: Banking Center (Branch) Manager – Grade C

Education Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting and Economics, Management, Business Administration or other relevant areas.

Experience at least Eight (8) years of relevant and progressive experience, with at least 2 (2) years in the role of Branch Manager.

The incumbent has the responsibility to organize, manage and coordinate all the duties for the Branch (Banking Center) the incumbent is responsible for, which include;

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: Nov 13, 2023

How To Apply?

Applicants who satisfy the requirements above can apply with a letter of interest along with a current CV and references in PDF format, specifying the job you’re seeking through www.ethiojobs.net. Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Nov 2023.

You must confirm that the details provided on the form of application are correct as well as complete. Recognize the importance of maintaining a high degree of integrity, professionalism and moral conduct while applying.

Also, they accept and acknowledge that they will submit the information submitted for more verification. The company reserves the right to pursue any actions to prevent the submission of inaccurate data. Zemen Bank Job Vacancy Nov 2023.

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